Getting a clear skin tone and looking younger is now not just for models and people with heavy pockets. Read on to learn about natural facial skin care tips to experience a beautiful you.

Natural Facial Care

“Glowing, radiant, smooth and shiny skin”, will it always be your unfulfilled dream? Every time you see a T.V model flaunting her radiant and clear skin, a streak of jealousy and disappointment is what strikes you. Busy lifestyle, work pressure, stress due to a web of deadlines and the inability to contribute time makes it difficult for you to handle a productive skin care routine. Add to this, the ineffectiveness of the various cosmetic products and the dream to achieve supple looking skin is almost unattainable. However, it all depends on your lifestyle and your efforts towards achieving a healthy and clear skin. Following a simple face care regimen is what it calls for to get young looking, glowing skin. Follow the home remedies and tips for natural face care and get a young looking, effulgent and clear skin.
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Tips For Natural Facial Skin Care
Cleaning The Skin
Cleansing of the skin is the first and foremost step that you must take in order to keep your skin healthy. Cleansing is essential to get rid of acnes and other skin problems. Wash your skin regularly using a mild face wash and then wipe your face using a clean washcloth. It is essential to get rid of all the impurities like the dust particles, makeup etc before you go to bed. This would help your skin breathe properly at night. Use a cleanser that does not lead to any skin irritation and does not take away natural oils off your skin.
Toning The Skin
Toning your skin is the next step to keep your skin healthy. Using toners for your skin will not only cleanse the skin further, but will also remove the oddments of particles left behind after you clean your skin. Plus, it will also freshen up your skin. Toners help in tightening up your skin and also close down any skin pores that may have opened, while deep cleansing your skin. Make sure that the toners that you use are alcohol-free, since alcohol leads to dryness.
Exfoliating The Skin
Exfoliating is another effective measure that you can take to get rid of the dead skin cells, to rejuvenate the skin and to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles from the face. Exfoliation makes the skin surface out all the dead cells, making it look beautiful and radiant. Avoid using exfoliating products that are granular, since they can have a damaging effect on your new skin.
Moisturizing The Skin
Your skin needs hydration and proper nutrition supply to stay healthy. Therefore, it is essential for you to treat it with a good moisturizer and a sunscreen with broad spectrum. Moisturizers and skin creams will help balance and restore any damage. Also, they would help keep the skin supple and soft.
Basic Tips
  • Drink as many as 10-12 glasses of water in a day and do regular exercises.
  • If you have dry skin, use moisturizers to hydrate your skin.
  • Make sure to clean your face at least two times a day. Use the skin product based on your skin type to avoid any irritation to the skin.
  • If you are a smoker, make sure that you cut down on the number of cigarettes or quit smoking entirely. Smoking takes away the glow from your skin and leaves it looking dull and pale.
  • Try and reduce the consumption of beverages like tea, coffee and alcohol. Beverages containing caffeine leads to dryness and should be avoided.
  • Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. There are some specific food items that are good for the skin, which you should try and consume in good quantity.
  • Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight for a long stretch. Always apply sunscreen with high SPF, before stepping out in the sun.
  • Make sure that you don’t scrub your skin vigorously. Always use gentle massaging strokes, while cleansing your skin.
  • A complete sleep cycle is quite essential and contributes directly to a healthy skin. Do not compromise on your daily sleep requirement, since lack of sleep will show harmful effects on the health of your skin.
  • It is advisable to take steam once in a week. Steaming will unclog the pores and will get rid of dirt, oil and pollution from inside, providing you with clear and glowing skin.

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