This article introduces you to some of the miraculous benefits offered by the exquisite seaweed that we call ‘kelp’.

Kelp Benefits

City life has its perks, but it doesn’t elude you from the toils of meeting head-on with the air saturated with an unpleasant mixture of monoxides. In fact, city life takes a drastic toll on our precious health and to our disgruntled dismay, the texture and glint of our sacred skin is at stake too! Is there a way to tackle this dilemma for we hold the beauty of skin very close to our hearts? Take a deep breath and introduce yourself to kelp — your tangible lifesaver. A form of marine algae, rich in minerals and nutrients, kelp thrives in seawater and often extends to 150 feet. Kelps employ the process of photosynthesis to produce their own food with the help of sun’s energy and sea minerals. Essential to the food chain, this spectacular seaweed is consumed by several sea creatures and protects a vital chunk of the marine life. Today, kelp has sailed beyond its oceanic boundaries to be incorporated as a key element in cooking. Due to its composition of iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin B9, kelp is an imperative ingredient in health and beauty products. Here are some of the fundamental benefits of kelp that you must know of!

Health Benefits Of Kelp

  • For all those who steer clear from eating seating sea vegetables, dairy and seafood, worry not about the risk of iodine deficiency! Kelp will come to your rescue. The rich prevalence of iodine in kelp promotes the body’s production of thyroid hormones which in turn is crucial to maintaining a healthy metabolism. Iodine deficiency is notorious for slowing one’s metabolism and stimulates obesity. However, the goodness of kelp vanquishes all these threats.
  • Kelp accounts for that delicious added tinge of seafood flavour to various soups, casseroles and seafood dishes that set your taste buds on fire! Kelp can also be a fantastic substitute for salt which can have unbelievable health benefits on a person.
  • Since kelp tests high in iron, calcium, and potassium, it is incredibly useful as a woman’s everywhere everyday vitamin. Especially during menstruation, pregnancy or nursing, kelp is ideal as it normalizes glands and hormones.
  • Kelp is inexpensive to harvest and buy, making it much more affordable than many other remedies commonly recommended or marketed to us for heath and beauty care incentives.
  • Kelp is even beneficial to dogs and cats, not to mention cattle! Kelp enhances smooth digestion, fights against infections and parasites, and props up the development of a healthy coat of fur. Let Kelp perform a few magic tricks on your pet and be proud to own a glowing house pet, with minimal trouble.
  • Kelp regulates both the thyroid and pituitary glands, plus it activates all glands in your body. Kelp also does wonders for the pancreas and the prostate gland.
  • Watch how kelp contributes to the growth of beautiful nails and fine-looking tresses. Moreover, it prevents hair loss and helps regulate body temperature.
  • The natural and high iodine content of kelp releases more iodine in the bloodstream which greatly helps combat infections. 
  • Kelp is good for fertility in both men and women, apart from being the most trusted of natural energy boosters!
  • Millions of people around the world are susceptible to developing tumours. It is better to be safe than sorry. Scientific research has indeed proved that kelp possesses certain cancer preventive effects. So go ahead, take the recommended dosages!
  • Kelp is the renowned binding force that helps keep a body’s pH in balance. So you can bid adieu to flatulence and constipation.
  • Kelp also acts as a diuretic. This signifies that it will help you shed the water that your body might retain.
  • Some of the other common health benefits of kelp are that it is can prevent heart diseases, encourage healthy liver function, aid in brain development, lower cholesterol levels, reduce arthritic pain and prevent osteoporosis.

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