When you are in confrontation with a person in a street fight, it becomes imperative to know how to defend yourself during the act. Read the article and know all about winning a street fight.

How To Win A Fight

Although, you have watched many action films, you still have no idea on how to win a fight easily. Most people, at some point of time in their lives, find themselves in a fight, which they cannot avoid. Street fights are becoming a common scene nowadays. It is wise to play safe and stay away from such an act of violence. However, if, by any chance, you get involved in a confrontation and the situations seem to be adverse, it becomes important to defend yourself, so that, you don’t end up getting injured seriously. You don’t have to be trained formally to win a street fight. All you need to know is how to defend yourself and survive. In this article, you will know how to win a fight by the use of simple and deliberate actions, which will help you survive and protect from getting hurt badly. Read the following instructions and learn how to win a fight easily.
Winning A Street Fight
Observe Your Opponent(s)
If someone threatens you, be attentive to what follows next. Make an analysis of the situation by observing the number of people involved in the confrontation and their overall physique. For instance, if you feel that the people involved in the fight are stronger than you are, it will be wise to withdraw from the situation. Also, if you are outnumbered, then make your escape as soon as you can. If you have only one opponent who is ready to attack you, then observe him well and assume a fighting stance. You should know your limits. Avoid getting too close to your opponent’s face, as he might hit you without any warning. You can also watch your opponent’s body language, as this is a key indicator of whether the opponent is about to attack you or not. Notice if your opponent is about to punch you, he will lift his shoulder back and clench his fist and teeth.  So, note your opponent carefully so that, you can be aware of his next move.
Prepare Yourself
The best way to approach any confrontation is by assuming that the opponent is going to hurt you. Never underestimate the person you are going to fight with. Analyze him and prepare yourself accordingly. If he has a weapon, equip yourself with the same.  You can look for objects within your environment that can be used as weapons. A weapon can be a hockey stick, chain, belt or anything similar. Make sure that the weapon you use is not destructive - it is just meant to defend yourself. Remember to distance yourself from the attacker so that, you can avoid your opponent’s strikes. Inhale and exhale so that you will not run out of air when you are under attack. Always keep your hands up to shield your face, tighten your neck muscles and keep your teeth clenched. Your aim is to attack the opponent with the first punch.
Attack (With Weapon)
If you have a weapon then this is what you should do. Attack your opponent, using the weapon in hand. Aim at his midsection or the knees. Hit the person with such an intensity that is hard enough to immobilize the person for a while. However, make sure that you do not hit him too hard to seriously injure him.
Attack (Without Weapon)
If you are not armed, go for the knockout technique. Strike your opponent with a closed fist, in a fast upward motion. Hit him hard enough so that, he doesn’t get back up to launch a counter attack. First, aim for his ribcage and the middle portion of his body, as these areas will give him much pain. You can then aim your punches at his nose, chin or forehead as this will knock him out. Maximum damage can be done if you throw a punch to your attacker’s jaw when his mouth is open. You cannot always avoid yourself from getting hit, so tolerate the pain and keep your mind steady.
Hit Him Hard!
Your eyes and your opponent’s strikes must be coordinated. Continue attacking your opponent until he stops giving counter attacks. When you are not in the danger zone i.e. when the person completely stops hitting you, you should stop attacking him immediately. This is to prevent any serious injury. Finish the fight as quick as you can. Now, make your exit.
Winning a fight is not that complicated! Your only motive is to incapacitate your attacker and if you follow these steps perfectly you can minimize the damages inflicted on you, win the fight and escape easily. These steps are easy to remember and will guide you on how to win a fight. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, do not panic, just remember these important points.

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