Healing of fracture or other leg injury requires time. During this stage, using crutches become essential. Surf through this article and learn how to use crutches.

How To Use Crutches

Unfortunately fractured your leg? Have you been advised to use the crutches until the treatment continues? Confused as to how to use them? Here is a solution to your problem. Crutches are used in case of mobility impairment by physically disabled or a person with leg injury. They are often used in the condition of sprain, post surgery treatment or fractures. Crutches aid in walking and help the physically-impaired person to travel from one place to another. They are available in many varieties, such as forearm crutch, underarm crutch; platform crutch, and so on. A person should select the crutch as advised by the physician. Using the crutch is not easy as it seems. One has to go through some instructions, coordination and practice before its actual usage. While using the crutch, take smaller steps and rest in between. Keep the maximum weight on your hand not on the armpits. Also, you need to make sure that all unnecessary items such as toys are removed from the floor. Make the arrangement in such a way that the items which the person often uses are at reachable distance. Follow the below given tips to make the use of crutches easy.
Using Crutches
  • Make sure your crutch fits well. While you are standing, your crutch should be 1-2 inch below your armpit. The hand grip should be in the level of your hips.
  • While using the crutch, your elbows should bend a little and slightly lean your shoulder forward.
  • Put the top portion of the crutch tightly against your arm and allow your hands to carry the weight.
  • Take very short steps and take rest quite often, as the skin of the armpit may get irritated from the crutches. Make sure that the padding of the crutch is not torn, else scars might be caused at the armpit.
  • While walking with the crutches lean forward and keep both the crutches in front of you. Now, shift you weight forward and move your healthy leg first. Keep the body weight on your healthy leg. Repeat to carry out motion.
  • While standing up with the help of the crutch, always shift to the front edge of the chair and hold both the crutches in a hand, which is in the same side of the injured leg. With the free hand, hold the arm of the chair. Keeping the weight on the healthy leg, push yourself upside.
  • Climbing on stairs with crutches is not an easy task. If there is no handrail or support present, stand close to the stairs and put the weight on your crutch and lead with healthy leg. When the handrail is present, hold both the crutches in one hand. Keep another hand on the handrail. Put all the weight on the arm which holds the handrail and move the healthy leg first. Then bring the crutches and the injured leg.
  • Going down the stairs with the crutches is very challenging. One should hop down the stairs with the fine leg, keeping the injured leg in front. Take only one step at a time and use crutches as directed in above point. If this becomes difficult, then sit down and lean forwards slowly.
  • Take proper care while opening the door. Make sure your injured leg is clear from the way the door gets opened. Keep both the crutches in one hand and open the door from other. Support the door from the tip of one crutch and move forward.
  • It is advised to avoid areas having stairs. Prefer lifts and escalators.
  • Never move fast or hurry. Be patient and move slowly.
  • Use the crutches as directed by the doctor. If they are uncomfortable, it indicates your wrong usage.
Take care of these tips to use crutches for the smooth and comfortable movement during your leg injury. It also makes you learn how to coordinate and balance.

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