Holidays along with families are worth remembering, which is what pictures are for. Here’s how to take memorable vacation photos.

How To Take Memorable Vacation Photos

Who doesn’t love vacations, whether with friends or the family? They may be just a trip to the amusement park or weekend away to the nearest hill stations to escape the heat during the summers, a whole week away at a place that is away, quiet and possibly has a historical site, a national park, or just the beach. All one needs to make them memorable is to carry a camera and to take pictures of all that seems interesting. The only problem is that there is nothing unique about them, though they do help to make vacations unforgettable by turning them into pictures of the scrapbook or a website album. Many of us do not know the tricks about taking memorable pictures on trips or vacations. Those who carry a camera keep clicking from the background acting more like a commissioned cameramen or photographers rather than being in the forefront. Many a times, they click pictures of a place that they do not remember the name of by the time they are back to reality! In most cases, the pictures are random and do not tell the story of the whole trip. If only someone could tell them how to click pictures on vacations better, with the camera they have available, even if it is a mobile phone camera. Worry not, thou enthusiast. Here are some tips for taking better pictures during vacations.
Taking Excellent Vacation Photographs 
Here are some tips for taking excellent pictures during vacations
Click Me A Story 
Since you are going on a trip, it would be a great idea to document the whole trip as it happened, instead of just taking pictures of the destination. Take pictures of the time of your departure to the place, the whole journey, where you stopped in the middle, the arrival, what you did there, what were the places you visited, where you ate, how much fun you had and also the departure to home as well as the journey back home. Remember that the little funny or cute moments are equally important – say when your little one curled up with her teddy bear and taking a snooze; if you were at a place where there was a water body and your children played in the water, make sure to take pictures of that too. There are bound to be a number of funny moments all through the trip, which are practically the highlight of the whole vacation. They will brighten up your web album like nothing else can.
Be Camera Conscious 
Because of their handy nature, cell phone cameras are usually the preferred choice for all kinds of snapshots. However, when on a family trip, it is best to carry along with you a quality camera that will allow you to make clearer and sharper prints for your album or scrapbook, since those pictures taken by a cell phone camera will begin to show pixels when enlarged too much. If you are going to spend the day at an amusement park, the thing for you is a versatile camera that can capture fast-moving rides as well as other pictures in still all through the day. This camera should contain the image stabilization function so as to be able to eliminate blur caused by motion. It could be a simple point and shoot camera for other occasions and a super zoom camera with a large zoom value for going to a national park or a wildlife sanctuary. Unless you are going only for taking pictures, there is no real need to carry around a really high end or sophisticated camera. For instance, if you're going to be carrying around a baby or have your hands occupied for any other reason, a DSLR camera may prove to be an extra burden and you may not even be able to use it as often as you would want to. Most compact point and shoot cameras are pocket-sized and easy enough even for the kids to use. If you and your family are spending the day at the beach or any other place at the seaside, you may want to use a disposable camera to protect your "real" camera from sand and water.
Read The Signs And Click Them 
You must have often experienced forgetting the name of the place where you took a certain picture, but sometimes signboards and other indicators give valuable information about place with historical, natural or any other kind of significance. In case you run into any such sign, for instance large tablets that talk about the historical significance of the place, click them. They are best for compiling a scrapbook and turning the whole thing into a documenting experience. Signs are all around—from small plaques on the ground to large ones made in the memory of people who lived there to some really funny ones like ‘Child Bear’ for ‘Chilled Beer!’ If you want to make your pictures look a little unique, try shooting them from a unique angle, or playing around with the way light falls on your subject or even on an image editing software.
Me Too 
In case you have already forgotten about it, you are a part of the whole trip too, and not just the designated photographer—heck you aren’t even being paid for it! Have someone else take photos from time-to-time, and if you need, stick your arm out and take pictures of yourself with the sights and scenes.

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