A backpack can be very handy at times, especially when you are travelling. Explore this article to learn how to make a backpack.

How To Make A Backpack

You are out enjoying with friends and you get a call from home to get some grocery on the way back home. You have the money to buy the grocery, but no bag to carry it back home. What can you do? You went to school/college carrying a pair of books in your bike, but your professor happens to give you bundle of books and papers to work on an assignment. A bag is what would have come handy in such a situation. The need for a backpack is frequently felt by people leading different lifestyles, be it a software employee, a student, a tourist or a teacher. You will always have something or the other to carry along, and it is only the backpack that can make life easier for you. Having a backpack will make it easier for you to carry your belongings and at the same time will keep your movement and navigation burden free and less chaotic. Though backpacks are available in the market, the knowledge of how to make one will prove to be quite handy. Here are some essential tips on making a backpack.

Making A Backpack

Materials Required
  • Straps
  • Zippers
  • Scissors
  • Two pair of old jeans
  • Cover fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Depending on your use, decide upon the size and design of your backpack. There are a number of designs available, and you can go through all the designs and patterns of backpacks to choose one that suits you best. You can make a strap bag, a messenger bag or a drawstring type of backpack. It is on you and your requirements to decide upon the type of backpack you need. Once you have decided on the purpose and use of the backpack, it will become easier to decide on the design of backpack that will suit your requirements. After deciding on the design of the backpack to be made, you can go and purchase the materials that will be needed to stitch one.
  • Select a pattern you want your backpack to follow and then cut out the same pattern from the jeans material. You can find a variety of patterns online with options of extra pockets, side zippers or that of a drawstring top. Choose from the available options of patterns and then cut out the required material from the denim cloth. You will be using a denim cloth because it is durable and will provide long life to the backpack. You can use the denim cloth for the exterior look and can even cover it with other fabrics of your choice. If you are using a cover fabric, then the pattern you choose should be cut out on the cover fabric. Make sure that you cut a slightly wider area than the pattern which will give you enough room for seams.
  • Once you have the cut material of the pattern from both the cover fabric and the jeans fabric, assemble them together. Put the fabrics together in the pattern they have to be stitched. Once in place, baste the seams together to assemble the two different fabrics in the shape of the bag.
  • Once the bag is assembled together, it is time to add in the straps and zippers to your bag. Refer to your pattern and add zippers, pockets and straps. You can also make your work simpler by adding in the zippers and straps at the time of assembling.
  • You can also decorate your backpack with some colourful and glittery add-ons. You can add your own personal touch by using old clothes for your backpack fabric or patches. It is your backpack and you can show your creativity.

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