Planning to improvise on your home decor with a new set of furniture? Read on to know how to dispose off your old grotty furniture and keep confusion at bay.

How To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

The richness of wood, the emotional appeal and the mellowness of that old furniture in your house is now getting too much? Is the strong old couch that comforted your back and the sofa that holds the memory of your ancestral house nothing more than worn out broken reminders from history? Are they things you no longer need in order to go down memory lane? This is but natural; there will be a time when you would like to see your house modified and decorated with new acquisitions of comfort and appeal. But, the problem that arises is, how and where can you get rid of the existing furniture? This article provides you with simple ways to get rid of old furniture. Read on to understand how old can make way for the new. Replace the crumbly old furniture with newer items of ease, value and decor in your home.
How To Dispose Old Furniture
  • Got home a new set of furniture and wondering where to dispose off the old stuff? Your furniture might get old for you but it can come handy for those in need. There are a number of local, state and national charities or non-profit organisations that you can donate your old furniture to. From these organisations and charity houses, furniture will get redistributed among victims of fire, natural disasters, domestic violence and other tragedies. Donate your furniture and bring a smile and comfort to the lives of these destiny hit people.
  • You can even donate the unwanted furniture to the local theatre. There are many local, high school or community theatre groups always in need of furniture. It is the best place to get rid of your old furniture. It also makes for some good fun to see it used in the future for some local stage productions.
  • You can also use the internet to get rid of old furniture. Log in to different sites that deal in the trade and exchange of unwanted and old furniture. There are websites of many such organisations that dedicate themselves to the redistribution of goods. This way you will be able to get rid of the junk in your house and also help and aid the ones in need. Log in and decide for yourself where is it that you want your college futon to go.
  • There might be some furniture that is structurally fine but otherwise broken, ugly and with some worn out parts. You need not donate such pieces of furniture; instead, you can refurbish it and give it a completely new and fashionable look. Sand off the finish of the old wood piece, add new cushions, new fabric, new knobs, different paint, furniture stain or some fancy new frills to a piece of ugly old furniture to make it look new and loved again. Renovating your old furniture will save you the money spent on buying everything new and will also save you the pain of shifting it down three flights of stairs.
  • An innovative and creative step can save you the expense and energy of disposing your old furniture. There are a lot of things you can do with old furniture. Make old furniture into a fish tank, use the old claw-footed tub as a planter, and make your old book-shelf into an elaborate ferret hotel. Just think about all the unique ways in which you can make use of the broken, worn out toilet seats, kitchen table, recliners and other furniture and work smart to reutilize them.
  • Catch hold of local companies that offer to pick up your old furniture. There are many companies that provide services that will give you some amount of compensation for worn out furniture or will just pick it up for free. This will save you the hassle of getting rid of your furniture through some other method, or transporting it yourself.
  • You can even put an ad in the local newspaper about the furniture that you have to offer. Giving details on your furniture with your contact information in a small corner of a local paper can pull together a few recipients for your old furniture. You can even seek help of neighbours and friends in looking for potential takers for your old goods.

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