Are your hip joints and tendons causing you tremendous pain? In this article, you will find effective exercises and techniques to control the pain, if not alleviate it.

Hip Arthritis Exercises

Instances of osteoarthritis are frequently accompanied by the slow deterioration of joint cartilages, and the term coined for this dreaded condition is hip arthritis. In fact, there exist several preconceived notions that hip arthritis hinders one’s ability to perform physical activities etc. However, the underlying truth is passiveness leads to weakness of the hips and soreness. To combat these brutal side-effects, it is recommended that a broad range of appropriate hip arthritis exercises be incorporated into one’s daily health regime. Carefully constructed exercises promise to alleviate hip joint pain, increase joint flexibility and finally, develop stronger muscles around the hip joint portion of the afflicted individual’s torso. Apart from the mollifying or preventive effect offered by these exercises, you stand to gain by losing weight, increasing your level of energy and mitigating chances of contracting heart diseases. Be precautious enough to consult a physician to confirm your physical endurance and do not anticipate immediate recovery. Bear in mind that exercises are vital to prohibit exacerbation. Scroll down and encounter some very noteworthy exercises for hip arthritis.

Exercises For Hip Arthritis

Subtle and damage-free, this method strengthens the most important muscles in your body. Even professional athletes employ pilates for injury treatment and prevention.  A renowned technique for body mechanics, pilates stimulates invigorating workouts and is often recommended by athletic trainers.

Swimming And Water Aerobics
Physical activities on water usually have a lower impact than those conventionally performed on land. Be it water aerobics, walking, jogging in water or just about anything, creativity knows no bounds! Have fun as you play water games like water polo or invent one to suit your preferences as you simultaneously prevent further joint pain. Even swimming with a pull-buoy makes for a fantastic cardiovascular workout as you avoid strain on your hip and yet, ease the arthritis pain.

Stretching Hip Exercises
Do you face difficulty before you plop down on a chair, get in and out of your chair or bend to put on your shoes? Stretching hip exercises are undoubtedly the best solution! However, never force a stretch beyond comfort levels and do not hesitate to seek assistance in your endeavours.

Bent Leg Raise: Slowly raise one knee as you lie on your back and slide your foot along the floor. Try to get your foot to touch your buttocks without any discomfort. Later, lift your foot and bring your knee up towards your chest. Hold on for a count of five before landing your foot to the floor surface. Slide it back and relax it completely. Repeat this process with your other leg five times.

Bent Leg Raise With Rotation: Replicate the leg raise exercise, but this time ensure that you rotate your knee inward (towards the other hip) and back to an upright position while it wavers in the air. Rotate your knee five times before moving on the next leg. Feel free to use your thigh for support.

Nothing stimulates the cartilage within your joints more than the low-impact cyclic motion brought about by cycling. It loosens the stiffness that prevails in your joints and does wonders to the cardiovascular system. One can commence his or her regime with stationary cycling and graduate to outdoors cycling as stamina improves.

Weight Machines
Are your bones brittle? In this case, there is no better remedy than exercising with weights to stimulate bone power and fortify muscles. All you need is good instructions while using heavy weights. A gym instructor will know just the right amount of exertion an individual with hip arthritis can endure. Even something as simple as dumbbells can turn things around in a matter of weeks.


Strengthening Hip Exercises
The stability of your hips and muscles is essential for adequate body support. Follow these hip strengthening exercises every two days and be surprised with the progress you’ve made!

Straight Leg Raise: Lie down on your back. Point your knees upward and touch your feet to the floor. Tighten muscles in your right thigh and raise your right foot. Straighten the right knee as till you feel comfortable. Keep the foot not more than 1-2 feet off the ground and hold for a count of 10, relax and repeat with the other leg.

Foot Roll: To perform this hip exercise, stand on your feet with your legs 1-2 feet apart and hands leaning on the counter. Stand on your heels, lift your toes and slowly turn them in such a way that they point inward and then, outward. This enhances the whole leg to rotate inside the hip joint. Repeat this five to ten times.

Backward Leg Raise: Continue seeking support from the counter and raise any one leg up. Now, raise your left leg backwards without bringing a bend in the knee. See that you do not arch your back while raising your leg. Hold for a count of five and repeat this process five times.

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