Crown caps are easily collectible and swanky. But if you are looking for some easy recycling tips for crown caps we have the coolest ideas. Check them out.

Crown Bottle Caps Recycling Ideas

Bottle caps are something that we can find everywhere and if you love to drink beverages or more commonly beer, then there is a high chance that you will come a cross a great number of beer bottle crowns. Some people collect crowns as a hobby, while others collect them as a means of earning some extra bucks. Did you know that some retro crown caps are worth a lot of money? Hard to digest, isn’t it? Thecrown bottle caps which have limited edition artistic features on them can really be a great gem to add to your collection. In the 90’s and prior to that, many of the leading beverage giants launched special edition crowns and labels which became a rage and sold more products than anything else. There was rarely any kid who did not collect bottle crowns as a hobby then, but that was in the past.
However, bottle caps need not just satiate the crown collection habit. In fact, they can be used for creating new and unique stuff. Surprised? The habit of collecting things and enjoying them can be taken to the next level with the help of recycling. Recycling not only creates a new stuff out of an old unused things, but also helps in preserving environment. Apart from these, recycling also teaches us the value of things that we often neglect, ensuring that we grow up valuing each and everything. All these things being said, let’s shift our focus to the primary objective of our study, which deals with the recycling of crown bottle caps and creating new and interesting stuff from it that would interest people of all ages.  So, we present you some very basic things to make out of the crown caps.
Ideas For Recycling Crown Bottle Caps
Bottle Cap Necklace
The bottle cap necklace is one hot accessory in this age of rampant recycling. It would not just showcase the ease of recycling, but would also highlight your passion towards it. Bottle cap necklace forwards a swanky style statement that you can include with various tops and dresses. A strict no-no for a formal evening, but a complete yes-yes for a college party, wherein you can barge in with your faded jeans and head bands! To make this necklace, you need to pass threads through two holes made on the edges of the crown and then add beads of declining sizes on both sides. Muster up a latch on the ends of the thread so that you can wear and remove the necklace with ease. Remember to glue the backside of the necklace, so that the crown does not rotate and the artwork and lettering is always legible.
Bottle Cap Magnets
Using crown caps as magnets is a great idea for those who do not accessorize their wardrobes with new age stuff to make it appealing and attractive. A magnet is great to look at and also a pretty handy decorative piece. To make a bottle cap magnet, you need to first find images that you can utilize. Since crown caps are small-sized, you need to find good designs which can be used. You can either cut intricate details from bigger images or get small pieces through editing. Once you set the design on the crown, pour clear resin into the caps to seal the photo and give it an appealing glossy finish. Thereafter, using cement attach magnet to the back of the bottle cap and let it dry overnight before using.
Bottle Cap Earrings
Recycling bottle cap as earrings is a unique way to accentuate your look and dress. The best aspect about bottle cap earring is that there are a lot of options which can be employed. Bottle cap earrings attract a lot of immediate attention and thus give you a uniqueness that you can show off. They are also easy to make as all that you need are two identical crown caps in good condition. Once you have them, clean and polish them for a shiny effect. Next make a small hole in the crown and put a jump ring through it. Add small lengths of chain to it and close the jump ring. On the other end, add earring hooks and you have your ubercool earrings all set to be worn.
Bottle Cap Ornaments
If you are looking for some holiday season pastime which can also be educative and really fun, try making ornaments with bottle caps. Ornaments can range from glittery flowers to splendid icicles. For starters, we are going to give you an idea on how to make a flower ornament. Place one bottle cap on your work surface to use as the center of the ornament. Glue the other caps all around it, with each one being glued to the center cap and then to the caps beside it. When you are finished, it should look a little like a flower. Cut out a piece of felt which is exactly in the same shape and glue it to the back of the caps. Glue on some pompoms or cotton balls to it. Glue on a loop of string or ribbon to use as a hanger. Starting at the top, near the hanger, begin gluing the ribbon all around the flower shape. Make sure that you center the ribbon as you work, so that it overhangs both the front and the back sides of the caps just a little bit. Glue a string of pearls down the center of the ribbon. Add some swirls of glue on top of the pompoms or cotton balls and sprinkle with fine glitter. Tap off the excess. There you go! Your own handmade recycled Christmas ornament is ready and awaiting the Christmas tree.

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