Improve your motivation, inspiration and productivity by increasing your creativity. Surf through this article to find different exercises for boosting your creativity.

Creativity Exercises

Rightly said by Danny Kaye “Life is a big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can”. But, what to do when the paint has finished? Or more specific, what next if your canvas now seems too small? All that you need to do to increase your creativity is style your canvas in a new fashion. Creativity cannot be taught or provided. It is an art of originality, which comes from within your self. It is inherited right from birth. While lateral thinking and its formal techniques can be delivered and taught to everyone, creative ideas and concepts lie within one. Nonetheless, different exercises can be followed to improve this creativity. These exercises allow you to bring out your juicy thoughts into your life at work and home. Add more inspiration and pizzazz to life by browsing through the lines below to find some creativity enhancement exercises. Check them out!
Exercises For Boosting Creativity
Streaming Images
This exercise can be performed either individually or in pairs. The person undertaking the exercise first closes his eyes and asks himself a question. He then speaks out loudly the visual descriptions in a flowing and streaming pattern. This exercise should be done in a hastened pace giving less time for thinking and judging. Practicing it for at least 10 minutes will improve creativity and intelligence. For example, while describing the images of laundry, one could use “I feel the softness of the fresh laundry”, “I can smell the rain-soaked air” or “My feet are pressed against the cold tiles”.
Pen Down A Music’s Story
Seat yourself in a peaceful and calm place. Put on a piece of classical or traditional music, one that you have probably not heard before. Dim the lights, close your eyes, and carefully listen to the music. Track out the story telling about the weather, about a rich or poor man, or about the mad love being reflected. Stop the music midway and write down the story of the music that you can relate with, using all your creativity and imagination.
Visualize Regular Objects into Irregular Use
Get hold of some regular objects and items and place them in front of you. Pick up one item and think of what different use can that object be utilized for. For example, apart from quenching thirst, what are other uses of a Coca Cola bottle? Hmm, a Coke bottle can be used for inflating balloons. All you have to do is put in a Mentos tab into the bottle and quickly attach a deflated balloon onto the mouth of the bottle. Similarly, empty beer cans can be used for decorative purposes. Furthermore, empty nail polish removers can be used for storing antiseptic solutions. And so on.
Personification Of Objects
This exercise is best used in the fields of marketing, advertising and brand management, wherein an object is given a personality, based on its brand perception. For instance, how would you describe a Mercedes-Benz car? Simply close your close and recollect all the information that you can about the car, be it features, body, brand image, advertisements, utilities, interiors, and so on. Note down all the attributes of this car in the form of a human being’s personality traits. Similarly, pick up any other item or product and give life to it by comparing it with human beings. This will definitely help you out in boosting your imagination, thereby bringing out the best from within you.

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