A handshake means differently when used in different situations. Do you know what does your handshake communicate? Explore this article to find out what your handshake says about you.

What Your Handshake Says About You

Body language is one of the forms of communication that makes use of various body areas or parts to convey a message. A handshake is one such gesture that is used to greet others, meet new people or close a deal or agreement. The way we shake hands shows the kind of a person we are. It conveys power, confidence, character and professionalism. Did you know that a lot can be deduced about a person from a single handshake? While a firm handshake with the hand facing downwards and arm extended shows that you are confident, a hand pointing upwards is a weak handshake thereby indicating that you are shy, uncomfortable or nervous. Read on further to know what our handshake says about us.
What Does Your Handshake Mean
Flabby Handshake
A flabby handshake is made by a person who is a pessimist. Also known as a limp-fish handshake, this is considered as the most unimpressive handshakes among all.
Prison Handshake
A person making a prison handshake will offer a firm hand keeping your hand in his for a long duration, not willing to give it back to you. People making such a handshake seem to be expecting something from your side.
Robot Handshake
A robot handshake is one that is offered automatically without any noticeable thought or feeling. This simply shows that the person is simply not interested and is indifferent towards you.
Jackhammer Handshake
People who are a little inflexible tend to make a jackhammer handshake as they think that their way is the right one, come what may. They will make a dynamic and forceful handshake indicating their power and determination.
Squeezing Handshake
People who tend to show their strength and power make a squeezing handshake. This is done to cover up their feelings of diffidence. Some people assume this handshake to be a sexual connotation.
Next-to-the-body Handshake
People who are not willing to take risks, such as politicians, make a next-to-the-body handshake. This is made by keeping the arm close to the body and bending it only at the elbow to perform a handshake.
Normal Handshake
A normal handshake is one that is made briefly and firmly. To convey confidence and professionalism, this is the best handshake to execute.
Queen’s Handshake
A person who offers his fingers, instead of his palm for making a handshake is said to be making a Queen’s handshake. This handshake indicates a sense of superiority.  

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