If you are standing in front of a painting and trying to figure out what kind is it, you have just noticed one of the many types of arts. Discover the different kinds of artwork with this article.

Types Of Arts

To suffice the term ‘art’ in a word, it is defined as ‘time’, simply because, it has been in existence for thousands of years and will always be there in the future. Right from primitive cave scrawlings to the sophisticated and contemporary varieties, we have art present around us in different forms. It is infinite yet definitive, since it takes several forms to reveal its beauty. The power of art can easily be viewed in an individual’s creativity and imagination through its display. You can see artists using pastels, oil paints, pen and ink, pencils, collage, and acrylic paints to come up with impressive paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics, and prints. These are just a few styles of common art that we usually see in our daily life. Though this may not be an exhaustive list, we present you with some of the types of arts in the following lines. Take a look!
Different Kinds Of Art
One of the most common and familiar forms of art is painting. It is a form wherein you apply different pigment types to a medium, particularly on canvas, paper, wall, wood panel, and so on. Nonetheless, painting itself is a broad category which is further classified into different sub-categories. Depending upon the materials used, painting can be grouped into acrylic painting, watercolor painting, mural painting, etc. Also, there are various subjects that are portrayed through painting, such as nature, people, living beings, objects, events, places, and so on.
Monuments, statues, and carvings are not new to any one of us. All these fall under the category of sculptural art. It is a 3-dimensional kind of artwork made from different materials, like rock, wood, clay, plastic, stone, and others. In general, there are two different ways of making sculptures: carving the sculpture from a single piece and assembling different pieces to form one full sculpture. Similar to painting, sculptures, too, are segregated into different types. These include free-standing sculptures, light sculptures, sound sculptures, relief sculptures, and jewelry.
Photography is one such art form that most of us have been connected with since years. Clicking snaps and pictures are a passion for some people which is reflected through their willingness to take up this art form as a career. The best pictures are clicked using different light patterns that are emitted or reflected from various angles. Aerial photography, black and white photography, fashion photography, glamour photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, astrophotography, digital photography, fine art photography, nature photography, and still life photography are some types of photography.
Digital Art
With the development in technology, art has also undergone several changes and modifications. As such, digital art, or computer art, is a kind of modern art that is mostly used in creating websites, video games, clip arts, and templates. The latest buzzword in the field of digital art is animation, especially 3D animation. It is extensively used in making films, TV commercials, and web advertising.
Movie Making
Though movie making, or film making, is one of the modern visual art types, it is a broad category that includes several other art forms. Scriptwriting, music, lyrics, dialogues, cinematography, and others are some forms that converge into movie making. Further, by including audio and video into movie making, it offers the audience a complete picture.

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