How would you come to know that your tooth requires a root canal therapy? Read on to know the signs and symptoms of root canal infection.

Root Canal Symptoms

A root canal is an integral part of a tooth, which extends from the base of the root of tooth to the middle of the crown. This capillary has a network of blood and nerve cells running through it, adding life to the teeth. There are times when the nerve of the tooth gets damaged and results in decay. Whenever there is a tooth cavity, it grows deeper until it touches the nerve. The bacterial attack leads to the inflammation of root canal accompanied with severe pain. Even accidental cracks or infection from gums reaching the base of a tooth root leads to a root canal infection. There are two possible ways to get rid of the pain. Either go for a root canal treatment to stabilize the position or replace the damaged tooth with a denture or bridge. However, removing one’s natural tooth should always be the last resort. So, when would you actually know that you require a root canal therapy? What exactly are the symptoms like?
Signs & Symptoms Of Root Canal Infection
Does your tooth aches every time you chew food or sip any fluid? Does the ache become unbearable, especially when the liquid is either very hot or cold? Does the pain stay for long even after consumption? You might be suffering from a root canal infection. There are occasions when your tooth aches even if you touch the affected area. If such is the state, your tooth needs immediate medical attention. So, rush to the dentist before the condition worsens.
At times, you will notice that your teeth have started losing their natural color. However, you need to first make sure that this is due to root canal infection only. If this symptom is coupled with other more grave symptoms, only then it is concerned with the root canal. Sometimes, factors like aging and tobacco consumption can also lead to discoloration of teeth.
Disturbance In Sleep
Since the toothache is constant and worsens when you lie down, it troubles the patient during his sleeping hours. It keeps the person awake resulting in frequent disturbances in sleep. If the condition persists, it can lead to further complexities in health. So, in case you are experiencing such a situation, it is advisable to consult a dentist and opt for a root canal therapy without further delay.
Swelling of Gums
Besides swelling of the affected area, the gums tend to swell as well. The swelling is in the form of pimple and squirts blood or pus when pressed. This occurs at later stages of the infection when the condition has worsened to a large extent.
Stimulating Pain
The pain due to root canal infection seldom remains restricted to the affected tooth and its surrounding area. Quite often the pain stimulates to the other organs of the body connected to the teeth. Ear and head are the most common victims of root canal pain. A person suffering from root canal infection experiences a throbbing pain in the head and ear every time there is a severe pain in the tooth.

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