If someone you love is going through depression and you don�t know how to help him/her come out of it, read this article. We provide you tips for helping someone with depression.

How To Help Someone With Depression

Haven’t we all been through this - when a multitude of feelings comprising of sadness, hopelessness, guilt, irritability, worthlessness, and restlessness ganged up on us and crippled us, not only physically, but mentally too? Do you still remember how it felt? Vulnerability that could break you down any moment, helplessness that made your hands reach out towards heaven, and a dead silence that left your heart bereft. It seemed like a bottomless pit from which there was no way out. Talking retrospectively, someone or something has left almost all of us feeling that way - feeling depressed, at some point or the other. Coming out of which was like digging our nails into the wall, climbing up, and trying to free our legs from the grips of a faceless enemy that stood beneath. Utmost love and care is extremely essential to help someone who’s going through depression, all the more if that person is someone you love. If you haven’t been on the receiving end of it, you’ll need to learn to be patient when dealing with depressed loved ones. Continue reading to know about how to help them in these trying times.
Helping Someone With Depression
  • If it’s a realm potentially unknown to you, it is better you start off by doing some research over the internet. Many books, magazines, and newspaper articles are available from where you can learn much about depression, its symptoms and treatments. Consult medical professionals if you feel the need.
  • You’ll need to take some time off your own schedule and put your priorities aside, if you’re seriously looking to help. You’ll also have to be patient and fight against your own feelings of being frustrated, angry, or upset. It is a testing situation and demands you to be sacrificing. So be prepared beforehand.
  • Have a heart and try to feel what the person is feeling or going through. Don’t go about criticizing him/her. Instead, let the person know that you know and feel exactly what he/she is going through and that your heart goes out to him/her.
  • Let the person know that you care for him/her and will be there all the time. Encourage the person by saying that “we’re in this together and we’ll make it through”. Pay heeds to whatever the person is saying and try to comprehend where he/she stands emotionally and whether there has been any progress or not.
  • Depression is infectious. Dealing with a depressed person and listening to his/her point of view can bring you down too. You’ll constantly need to motivate yourself. So, if you’re the person closest to the situation, you’ll have to have a support system of your own; where you can dispose all you feelings.
  • Have a belief in the abilities of the depressed person and convey this to him/her. Let him/her know that you have full confidence in him/her and that he/she is strong enough and can come out of this state very easily. Encourage the person not to resort to alcoholism or drug abuse.
  • Provide for hope in any way possible whenever the person feels it’s time to hang up. Find out the nerve and press on it. This nerve could be his/her faith in God, love for children or anything that motivated him/her in the past or was his/her dream. Just don’t let the person hang up.
  • Encourage the person positively to seek medical help. He/she may behave against it but keep pushing it until the person accepts. However, don’t let the person go alone; instead be with him/her. You’ll need to explain to the doctor or psychiatrist about his/her behavior or mental state. Medications and therapy can’t be ignored when dealing with depression. Keep a close watch that he/she is taking the medications on time and is not overdoing it.
Sacrificing love is the answer to the question of how to help someone with depression. For it is through love only that the healing process starts. Everything else is secondary.

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