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Greatest Inventions Of All Time

If doubt was not the father of all inventions, then men would not have known the television, computer, internet, cell phone, radio, ATM cards, transportation and everything else as he does today! Human innovation has hatched some excellent inventions, thanks to insatiable curiosity and power of the mind. From inventing electricity to the very latest electric eye, inventors have broken all grounds to achieve the unfathomable, the unthinkable! These ‘eureka’ moments have dramatically altered the course of our life and have just made the world a much-sophisticated hub to dwell in. Just imagine how different our lives would be had there been no electricity or cell phones or toothpaste for that matter! Before you drop your jaws in wonder, just thank those genius minds for making our lives so much a better place. Here is a small compilation of greatest inventions of all time. Just stream through these interesting inventions and hail the creator!
Greatest Inventions Ever Made
If you thought that language came naturally to man as ‘oink’ to a pig and ‘meow’ to a cat, you couldn’t be more wrong! Agreed, there is very little evidence on how a squeak or a grunt evolved to become the most sophisticated human speech, but that does not play down the immensity of this invention. Imagine what would happen if the world never knew the power of language? People would have stayed savage, they would have never known knowledge, Shakespeare would not have existed, Vasco Da Gama’s discoveries would have got lost into anonymity, Edison, Newton, Wilbur and Orville Wright, Leonardo Da Vinci and all other great minds who shaped the world would disappear into obscurity.
The Wheel
If necessity is the mother of invention, then wheel was indeed the upshot of this need! One of the biggest mechanical inventions of all time, the invention of wheel set the cornerstone for all human civilization. Archaeological evidences indicate that wheel was first invented in Mesopotamia, between fifth and third millennium BC and has been on roll since primitive times. However, it was with the Industrial revolution that wheel dropped its wooden self and switched on to become pneumatic rubber tyres and since then it has been one big ride for us all.
The Printing Press
“What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for the mind.”  One of the greatest inventions ever known to man, the invention of the printing press influenced the world more than anything else.  The greatest masterwork of German inventor Johann Gutenberg, the invention of printing press revolutionized the way people communicated, collected, stored and retrieved information. It has been touted as the preservative of all art and has played a crucial role in the ‘reformation’, the ‘renaissance’ and the ‘scientific revolution’.
The Telephone
Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell, who is often accredited with the invention of telephone, is not the real creator of this interesting machine? Johann Philipp Reis, a German scientist, was in fact the first mind to come up with the idea and quite interestingly Elisha Gray, an American Scientist too has to her claim a large chunk of the fame. While the inventor of telephone stands disputed, we cannot help but be grateful to all the minds who strove to make communication so easy and convenient for us today.
The Light Bulb
If you thought that the light bulb was the brainwork of Thomas Alva Edison, know that it was Sir Humphrey Davy who invented the light bulb while Edison added the spark to it by inventing the first ever carbon filament. Edison worked on existing technology to create the first successful light bulb. He tried not once or twice, but a good 1999 times before the filament sparked to light and gave world its first light bulb.

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