Bored of the usual over-the-top dramatic films? Are you looking for some change? Well, how about watching animated movies. Check out the best/top animated movies of all times here.

Best Animated Movies

‘Ha..Ha..Ha!!’ Isn’t that the reaction we go to movies for? Though we like watching dear Arnie wrestling the alien predators, nothing can match the fun of watching Nemo discover his life with the help of his rather funny friends. However, animation is not just fun. It also wraps with it the subtleties of life around you. So, next time when you see Tom chasing Jerry over and over again, rest that laugh of yours and think, doesn’t it inspire you to never give up, despite the odds in life? Jerry has lived in the same house with Tom for ages now and has never given up and left. He fights it out, every single time. And that is the lesson to be learnt from our blue and brown friends! Nonetheless, apart from this sentimental stuff, there is more to the magic of animation. They take you to a dream world - a world that is closely woven with every one’s fantasies that it is hard to escape. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and appealing animated movies of all times.
Top Animated Movies
This simple story of an obsolete robot on a destroyed planet earth has caught the imagination of many around the globe. No dramatic dialogues, no overhyped robotery and no special powers! The simple romance of the protagonist robot with an ultra modern and highly equipped new world robot is a tale that drips with love and oozes with innocence. Kudos to Disney for this one!
The Incredibles
Want to watch a full-on dramatic movie of a dysfunctional family much like Fantastic 4? If yes, then ‘The Incredibles’ perfectly satiate your craving. An animated spy family, the film is packed with best superhero actions and super family drama which makes it a perfect family watch.
Toy Story
Whether it was part 1, 2 or 3, Toy Story fired up the box-office charts everywhere on earth. It, very subtly, caught the imagination of every one by showing that toys have a life of their own - much like every kid’s suspicion. The movie perfectly blends the world of toys and the imaginations of a child.
South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Do you want to know how silly and misguided the culture wars can be? Watch this one! South Park kids get obscene with their language and this leads to air attack. Even Saddam Hussein and the oldest devil, Satan, are included. How ridiculously hilarious can a movie be, is what ‘South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut’ all about.
Animation and romance make a good pair - ‘Up’ proved it! The movie is a good old fairy tale love story, with a dash of modern day pragmatism and of course, imagination! This story of how two kids bond over a common favourite idol and go on to be soul mates is something you cannot forget. After years of being lonely, the man doesn’t give up on his darling’s dream. The movie is just as strong in its depiction of love as it is of innocence. And the house on balloons - well that’s something to die for!
How To Train Your Dragon
If you were of the opinion that dragons were bad, here is a revelation! Look at this harmless dragon and you would curse yourself to tag dragon as a brutal creature. A ferocious looking dragon versus a not-so-barbaric teenager redefined the word dragon in the history of cinema. It gave us a new motto - dragons aren’t bad, you just have to train them to be good.
A Nightmare Before Christmas
What happens when the Halloween king decides to take over Christmas? A movie with so much influence, the film witnessed multiple theatrical re-releases, including a 3D version and several DVD special editions and not to mention the merchandise it inspired. ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a must watch for those interested in animated films. Talk about celebrity crushes and this one takes the cherry from the cake!
The Lion King
Have you ever wondered from where did the phrase “Hakuna Matata!” or no worry bro come from? It was from Timon, Pumba and Simba in “The Lion King”, a touching story of a wonderful friendship through testing times. A fun filled saga where seemingly selfish friends chuck their interests and rescue their friends, despite all odds.
Finding Nemo
Parents - they never give up, do they? So what if it is a fish, it still is a father. And this father doesn’t know how to give up. Nemo is lost and the father is scared. It doesn’t want to lose Nemo like it lost its other eggs. And so it goes on a search and overcomes all his fears for the love of its only child. Wonderful indeed!
Rats are foodie. They eat everything, from the leftovers to our furniture. But could you honestly think of a rat as an accomplished cook? Well, you’ve got to see it to believe it. The connoisseur that our protagonist rat is will catch you off guard, but the delicacies it makes will probably have you wondering if your house rat is of the same variety.

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