Wisdom causes a lot of pain, literally too. Explore the article given below to know more about wisdom teeth symptoms.

Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

Wisdom teeth, technically called as third molar, are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth.They usually erupt when a person is between the age 17 and 22, which in ancient times was considered as the age in which a person was suppose to gain wisdom. A normal person has four wisdom teeth, two in the upper arch, and two in the lower. Generally, most adults have four wisdom teeth, but in some cases they may be more or less. Wisdom teeth cause a lot of problems when they erupt in mouth because they usually get trapped in the gum and jaw bones. They may break some of way through your gums causing the food to trap there, which in turn can cause the gum tissues to grow over them, thus triggering a gum infection. This creates pain and irritation in mouth. Read on to know about wisdom teeth symptoms.
Signs & Symptoms Of Wisdom Tooth
Chewing Problem: Impacted wisdom teeth may pierce into the cheek and causes mouth ulcers. The constant pain in that area caused by these ulcers makes it difficult for one to chew.
Infection: In dental terminology, a wisdom tooth that has failed to emerge completely into its expected position is called 'impacted wisdom tooth’. Impacted wisdom teeth can form a gum flap near the top of the partially exposed tooth. Bacteria grows from food particles can infect it. This infection can cause pain and irritation.
Irritation: Sometimes, a wisdom tooth gets trapped due to the space insufficiency in the mouth and that lead to irritation. You may not able to concentrate on anything because of this pain. This can be a real problem when you are handling some important assignment.
Pain: Wisdom teeth pain is the most noticed symptom amongst the infected wisdom teeth symptoms. Impacted wisdom teeth, or a tooth that experiences trouble breaking through the gum, can lead to red, swollen, and painful gums.
Fever: Pericoronitis can cause fever and fatigue too. It can alsocausemuscle spasms in the jaw.
Facial Swelling: The 'impacted wisdom teeth' may have erupted at wrong angles or at wrong positions. Sometimes, infection like pericoronitis causes this condition. It may cause pain around throat also.
Pus: Formation of pus near the gum can be found in some cases .It happens because of severe infection.
Difficulty In Swallowing: You may feel difficulty in opening the jaw wide and swallowing. These two are very common wisdom tooth symptoms.
Bad Breath: An infected wisdom teeth can lead to bad breath.
Reddened Gum:  It’s a basic symptom of any tooth disease. The gum around the wisdom is generally seen reddened and inflamed due to the erupting wisdom teeth.
Headache: An impacted wisdom tooth can cause headache and constant jaw pain.

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