Expressing love through love symbols is a fantastic idea. Browse through this article to know the different symbols of love.

Love Symbols

It is said that love is the best feeling in the world. Love can be expressed in different ways. One can express his or her love either by writing love letters, sending love greeting cards or by presenting gifts. However, if you are too shy to express your feelings in words, why not take the help of the different love symbols? The right symbol can say a lot about your feelings and can convey your message to that one special person in your life. These love symbols can speak volumes about your feelings and in the most effective way. If you are looking for love symbols and want to know what each symbol means, then go through the sections that follow and choose the symbol that can aptly convey your feelings to your beloved. You can use these symbols in your love letters, draw them in your Valentine’s Day card, or paint them, the choice is yours!

Symbols Of Love

Represented by a winged boy carrying a bow and arrow, cupid is the Roman god of love, and is the most common love symbol.

Eros is the Greek god of love. The symbol of Eros is similar to the symbol of Cupid, represented by a winged boy carrying a bow and arrow.

Although the color red is not a symbol, it is the color of love. Red is generally associated with passion and love. 

It is believed that the heart is the center of all emotions, particularly love. The heart is the most common symbol used to express love. The symbol is widely used to symbolize the four-letter word, namely- love.

Broken Heart
The broken heart is the symbol that represents the loss of love. The broken heart symbol is associated with the pain of being rejected in love, to express sadness and grief.

Love Birds
The symbol of two blue colored lovebirds snuggling up with each other on a tree branch is adored by lovers all over the world. The common myth is that these lovebirds cannot survive without their partners. Doves and swans are also used as love symbols to express and signify a pure and eternal relationship.

Love Knots
The love knot is a traditional love symbol that has been used over the decades. It is said that this Celtic design was sent by young Arab women, woven in carpets, to young men to express their love. Till this day, these love knots are very popular and widely used to express romantic feelings.

Red Rose
Each rose color has its own meaning. Red roses stand for love and passion; white roses symbolize purity and virginity, and yellow roses for infidelity and jealousy.

This beautiful strong scented white flower is used as a Hindu symbol for love.

The apple symbolizes love, fertility, and abundance. Apples also symbolize feminine beauty and love. In China, the apple is seen as a symbol for beauty and love. There are many myths and stories where the apple has played an essential role. It is believed that the Greek god of wine, Dionysus once offered an apple to Aphrodite to woo and win her love.

The harp is a traditional musical instrument that symbolizes love as equal to poetry, music, and art. The harp also stands for the mythical connection of Celtic civilization that represents a bridge between earth and the heaven. In Iceland and Norway, the strings of the harp represent the ladder that symbolizes the elevated state of love and path leading the way to heaven.

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