I know it is one of the worst imaginable scenarios, but do you know how to stop a car with no brakes. No? Learn about stopping a car without any brakes.

How To Stop A Car With No Brakes

All of you must be wondering what kind of topic is this. Ask someone who has had the misfortune of having his car brakes failed and you will understand why am I talking about this particular issue. Almost everyone who drives learns how to change a tyre, but how many of you know how to stop a car with no brakes. Hardly a few, right! Having information about stopping a car without any brakes is as important as knowing how to stop it with brakes. This is to make sure than if and when you happen to encounter such an unfortunate scenario, you have the knowledge to prevent others as well as yourself from getting hurt. In the following lines, we will tell you all about stopping a car without any brakes.
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How to Stop a Car with No Brakes 
  • First of all, don’t panic. It is very important to remain calm; otherwise you will surely end up hitting someone or the other. Remember a terrified mind can hardly think of something constructive.
  • The next step will be to take your foot off the gas and pump your brakes. Why? This is because at times, pumping the brakes vigorously, and a number of times, rebuilds enough pressure in the braking system to help you stop the car. Make sure to do this for considerable period of time.
  • Now, shift your car into low gear. In case of manual transmission, downshift to the lowest gear possible. When the car slows down a bit, try to downshift it to the lowest gear. In case of automatic transmission, shift into low range. In this case also, go for gradual shifting, if sudden shifting is not possible.
  • Make use of the emergency/parking brake, applying it slowly. Don’t push or pull it abruptly, otherwise you might lose control of the car totally. Go slow and steady. You can also use the release button (keep it engaged in case of hand break and hold it in case of foot break), as you apply the emergency brake.
  • Throughout your driving, keep your eyes on the road and try to avoid heavy traffic, pedestrians and other obstacles. If possible, take your car to the routes that have the least possibility of traffic.
  • Make sure to warn the pedestrians as well as the other drivers. Use your horn to let the other people know there is a problem. Honking loudly and frequently will mostly make the other people steer clear of your car. At the same time, make sure that you have turned your hazard lights on.
  • You have to slow down your vehicle at any cost. If pumping the breaks, using the emergency brakes and shifting to slower gear do not work; make use of some more alternatives, given in the next few lines.
  • Try to use friction to slow down the speed of your car. You can drive your car towards the places that have gravel or dirt. However, be really cautious while making use of the friction, as sudden change of terrain can make the car skid.
  • Guardrails can also help you slow down your vehicle. Cement dividers usually make contact with the wheels, so there are chances of the friction leading to a slowing down of the car. Exercising caution, try to sideswipe whatever is available.
  • Look for inclines in your terrain. Driving your car to a high slope has significant chance of helping it slow down. In case this fails to work, get ready to reverse drive.
  • In case all of the above methods fail to work, it is the time to look for small trees and shrubbery. Drive your vehicle through the center of a line of shrubs or saplings, while making sure to avoid big trees.
  • If you have managed to slow down your car, it is now the time to make it stop. Look out for a safe area to pull over.
  • In case, by now, your car has now slowed down at all, it is the time to take some extreme steps. Try hitting the back of another car. First, make sure to warn the other driver by honking at full level. At the same time, try to hit a car hat is moving at the same speed as you are and hit the back.
  • If even this has failed, turn your car to somewhere you are not likely to meet any other vehicle. Now is the time to crash land your vehicle. This will require you to jump a curb. Grip the steering wheel tightly, angling your car deep into the curb in a way that it goes up and over. Make sure that you don't turn the car totally and lose control.

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