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How To Wear A Cravat

Wearing a cravat is a good option, if you want to show off elegance and grace. With this article, explore tips on how to wear a cravat.

Tuxedo Accessories

Give your Tuxedo a killing appearance by sporting the right accessories with it. Read the article to explore the best Tuxedo suit accessory ideas.

How To Tie A Windsor Knot

Tying a Windsor knot tie may seem tricky to the beginners. Find out how to tie a Windsor knot.

How To Choose Hair Products For Men

There are so many hair products for guys available in the market that choosing one seems a difficult task. Explore through this article, how to chose a hair product for men.

Men's Fashion Tips

Men's fashion, though overlooked earlier, is gaining popularity with the passing time. With this article, you will get to explore a number of fashion tips meant specifically for guys.

How To Dress For A Casual Night Out

If dressing casually for a night out seems to be a confusing task to you, read this article. We have listed a number of tips to help you know how to dress for a casual night out.

How To Buy Men's Business Suit

Buying business suits for guys is not as tough as it seems to be, provided you keep a few tips handy. Go through this article and know how to buy men's business suit.

How To Buy A Tuxedo

Buying tuxedos will require you to make a choice from amongst the different styles and options. Go through this article and get tips on how to buy a tuxedo.

How To Fold A Tuxedo Handkerchief

Folding a tuxedo handkerchief, though seemingly a difficult task, is very easy if you follow the right steps. Go through this article and know how to fold pocket handkerchief for tuxedos.

How To Pack A Suit

Do you want to know how to pack a suit, in a way that there are minimum wrinkles? If yes, then go through the following lines and explore the best way to pack a suit in suitcase.

How To Put On Cufflinks

Putting on cufflinks can add to the elegance of any and every male outfit. Read on to explore information on how to put on cufflinks.

How To Be Punk

A drift from the usual is what is necessary to look like a punk individual. Unusual dress, look, music are all a part of the culture. If you want to know how to be a punk, read on.

Designs To Paint On Jeans

Painting on denim is fun and serves as the best way to sport your 'style quotient'. Check out some interesting ideas for the designs you can paint on your jeans.

How To Buy Men's Sleepwear

While buying nightwear for guys, one should keep certain things in mind, to attain utmost comfort. Find out how to buy men's sleepwear, by reading the tips given below.

How To Buy Men's Pants

How to buy men's pants is a tricky question for those who never tried their hand at the sport. Find out some great tips on buying man trousers.

How To Dress Goth

You have been invited to a Goth theme party, but do not know how to dress Gothic. Don’t worry. We are here to provide you some tips for getting the Goth look.

Pantaloon Retail Launches Replay In India

Italian denim brand Replay enters the Indian market through Pantaloon, who has launched the brand.

How To Wear A Toga

Toga is a garment that used to be worn by men in Ancient Rome. In this article, we have provided instructions on how to wear/ tie/ wrap a toga.

History Of Pyjamas

Pajamas are important piece of clothing with an interesting history. Check out the origin of pyjamas, and get information about its background.

How To Look Laid Back

The casual and laid back look is one of the coolest styles to don. Check out some useful tips to know how to look laid back.

Eco-friendly Clothing

The concept of eco friendly clothes is slowly catching up in India also, especially with India’s first eco-friendly clothing line being launched in the Wills India Fashion Week 2007.

Designer Socks For Men

Designed especially for man, designer socks styles are a great hit in the market. Get more information on designer socks for men in this article.

Cufflinks for Men

Cufflinks are absolutely stylish accessories for men and come in trendy designs. Check out designer diamond cuff links trends for men.

Organic Khadi

Organic Khadi, once popularized by Mahatma Gandhi, has once again caught the fancy of people in India.

Plus Size Indian Clothing

Those with more pronounced vital stats can now easily choose clothes from Plus Size Indian Clothing. Read about plus size clothes in India.

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Easiest Way To Tie A Tie

Getting late for an important business meeting but are in a fix as you don’t know how to tie a tie? Read this article on easiest way to tie a tie and learn yourself!

What Color Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Check out what eye shadow color suits brown eyes, with the plethora of ideas listed in this piece. Try them for an enhanced look!

Short Hair Prom Styles

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How To Tie A Double Windsor

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