There are a number of dance types and styles across the world. Find out information on various kinds of dances.

History Of Jazz Dance

The history of jazz dance can be taken back to the African slaves’ era. Explore this article to know some interesting & amazing information on the origin & background of jazz dance.

What Is Praise Dancing

Praise dance is a form of worship that is gaining popularity worldwide. Read the article to know what praise dancing is and also explore its different types.

How To Become A Burlesque Dancer

Becoming a burlesque dancer is more than just the occasional showing of skin. Read the article to find tips on how to become a perfect burlesque dancer.

Waltz Dance Steps

Waltz, one of the most elegant forms of dance, has been a significant part of ballroom dancing for quite some time now. Read on to learn more about waltz dance steps.

Breakdancing Moves

Breakdancing is a street dance style that evolved during the 70’s. Explore the article to learn the various Breakdance moves, step by step.

Belly Dancing Moves

Do you want to shake your hips like Shakira? Explore the article given below to know about belly dancing moves.

How To Do The Cha Cha Slide

Cha Cha Slide, also known as Casper Slide, is a dance created by Chicago's DJ Casper. Explore the article below to know how to do the Cha Cha Slide, complete with the steps.

How To Moonwalk

Moonwalk is the signature dance move of the celebrated pop legend, Michael Jackson. Explore the article to find detailed dance instructions on how to moonwalk.

History Of Disco Dance

Disco dance is an immensely popular dance genre that is a combination of several dance forms. Read on to know interesting and amazing information on the origin & background/history of disco dance.

History Of Tango Dance

Tango dance has an amazing history that includes 150 years of struggle & continuous effort. With this article, get to know interesting information on the background of Tango dance.

How To Do Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is one of the most elegant dance forms of all times. Explore this article to know how to do ballroom dancing.

History Of Ballet

The history of ballet dancing goes back to the imperial age i.e. to the time of the royalties. With this article, explore some interesting information on the origin & background of ballet.

Samba Dance History

Did you know that the origin of samba dance dates back to the 16th century? No? Explore this article to get interesting information on the background & history of samba dance.

Irish Dance History

The history of Irish dance has its roots well laid in the 18th century. Go through the article, to get interesting information on origin & background of Irish dance.

How To Do The Bunny Hop

Bunny hop dance is a hit amongst people of all ages, especially kids & teens. It you are keen to learn the dance, read the article. Go through the steps given here to learn how to do the bunny hop.

How To Learn Pole Dancing

Pole dance is a physical exercise in itself. Learning it can be a fun experience. Go through the steps given in the article and know how to learn pole dancing.

Cha Cha Dance

"Cha Cha" is a very popular ballroom dance of Cuban origin. Go through the article to learn the basic steps of cha-cha-cha dance.

How To Mambo

Mambo is a couple dance that largely involves proper hand-foot coordination of the dancers. In this article, you will learn how to do the basic steps of mambo.

Irish Step Dance

Irish Step Dance, as the name suggests, originated in Ireland. Check out interesting information on history and background of Irish Step Dance.

Shuffle Dance

Shuffle dance is gaining increasing popularity because of its 'easy to do' steps. Learn more about the Melbourne shuffle dance, also known as the Cupid shuffle dance.

Songs Good For Lap Dance

While selecting the songs for lap dance, make sure that are from amongst the top/best ones. Go through this article and get a list of songs good for lap dance.

Flamenco Dance History

Flamenco dance is a unique form of dance whose roots are spread to the different countries of the world. Read more to know the history and origin of Flamenco Dance.

Mexican Hat Dance

Mexican Hat Dance was once considered to be the national dance of Mexico. Check out the steps to know how to do the Mexican hat dance.

How To Slow Dance

Slow dancing can be real fun and romantic. To learn how to slow dance, read the instructions given below.

Modern Dance

The Modern Dance form was developed back in the 20th century and even today it is a very famous dance form. Read on to find out more on origin & history of modern dance.

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