Guide to baby care offering useful information on baby health, nutrition, clothing and baby behavior.

How To Bottle Feed Your Baby Correctly

Bottle-feeding, nowadays, is a hands off experience. There is minimal parental control and maximum child nourishment required. Learn some tips on how to bottle feed your baby correctly.

Safe Foods For Your Baby

Babies are very sensitive which makes it all the more important that the baby food must be safe. Read the article below to learn more on safe baby foods.

Diaper Rash Cures

Don’t wait until your baby screams out of irritation. Be hygienic and regularly keep your baby clean. Read further to know more about diaper rash cures.

How To Encourage Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Sleepless nights are a part and parcel of parenthood. Find out ahead, tips on how to encourage your baby to sleep through the night, so your day is made.

Humidifiers For Babies

Choosing the right baby humidifier is very vital if you want your little one to benefit from it. Read on for tips on making the right choice.

How To Make Gripe Water At Home

Homemade gripe water is safe and effective for the baby’s digestion. Explore the article below for tips on how to make gripe water.

What To Look For In A Nanny

So you have finally decided to hire a nanny. Find out what to look for in a person so as to make the right choice.

How To Wean Your Baby Off The Breast

It may be difficult to wean your baby off the breast but you do not have to go through sleepless nights about it. Here’s how to wean your baby off breast milk.

How To Get Your Toddler To Take A Nap

Many toddlers give their mothers hell when they are asked to take their afternoon nap. If your toddler is also one of them, read on to know how to get him to nap.

Healthy Snacks For Toddlers

Do you find it difficult to get your toddler to have healthy snacks? Try some of these innovative ideas and make things easier for both of you.

Dental Care For Newborn Babies

Dental care for newborn babies is important to make them comfortable with a through cleaning process later on. Explore the article to find valuable oral care tips for newborns.

How To Treat A Diaper Rash

New parents should know how to treat a diaper rash in babies, so that he/she doesn’t have to undergo avoidable trouble. With this article, explore natural ways for treating diaper rashes effectively.

How To Babysit

Babysitting can be fun and exciting. Explore this article to know how to babysit properly.

How To Calm A Colicky Baby

Colicky baby cry a lot. Explore this article to know how to calm a colicky baby.

How To Give A Baby A Sponge Bath

Giving a sponge bath to a baby is frightening for a new mom. Read on to know how to give a baby a sponge bath.

How To Prevent Baby From Getting A Flat Head

Flat head syndrome is common among babies less than six month old and avoiding it is the onus of the parents. Read on to know how to prevent your baby from getting a flat head.

How To Reduce Teething Pain

Teething is no doubt a very painful experience for your baby, which you need to ease by following the right tips. Read on to learn how to reduce the teething pain of your child.

How To Safely Share Your Bed With Your Baby

It is essential to learn the safety mechanism while you are sharing the bed with your infant. Read on to explore tips on how to safely share your bed with your baby.

How To Brush An Infant's Teeth

Brushing a toddler's teeth is not an easy task. Explore the article, get some tips and learn how to brush an infant's teeth effectively and easily.

How To Baby-Proof Your Home

Baby proofing your house is essential for your baby’s safety. With the tips given in the article, learn how to baby-proof your home.

Umbilical Cord Care

Taking care of the umbilical stump is essential to ensure good health and hygiene of your newborn baby. Explore the article and get useful information on umbilical cord care.

How To Change Baby Diaper

Changing your baby's diaper may seem tedious, especially if you are first-time parents. In case you want to learn how to change your baby's diaper perfectly, read this article.

How To Breastfeed A Premature Baby

Breastfeeding becomes all the more important when your baby is premature. Learn how to breastfeed a premature baby properly, with the tips given in this article.

How To Make Your Own Baby Food

Do you know how to make your own baby food at home? No? Then, the homemade baby food recipe given in this article would surely prove useful.

How To Stop Toddler Biting

Stopping your toddlers from biting others is a task easier said that done. In order to help you know how to stop toddler biting, we have listed a number of tips in this article.

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