The trend of wife swapping is becoming more and more popular in India today. Explore the rules of the wife swap craze in the country.

Wife Swapping

Wife Swapping, a term that was alien to the Indian community till sometime back, is being practiced openly and brazenly today. The ‘Land of Kamasutra’ is accepting the new trend with open arms. Wife Swapping is basically the exchanging of wives between two couples, for engaging in the ‘forbidden’ sensual pleasures. Till only a decade back, Indians had not even heard of the concept of wife swapping and those few who knew about it, considered it to be unfathomable. But, within the past few years, the concept has gone from being a taboo to being openly experienced.
Wife Swapping Parties
The most common platform for wife swapping comprises of the wife swapping parties. In such parties, the usual rules are that only those couples come who are interested in the swapping concept. After the party gets over, all the husbands put the keys of their car in a bowl. Thereafter, each and every man present in the party comes and picks up a car key from the bowl. The person to whom the car keys belong gives over his car as well as his wife to the man who is in possession of his car keys.
Prevalent amongst All Classes
Earlier, wife swapping was a concept which was prevalent only in the higher echelons of the society. The middle class and upper middle classes were not party to the whole idea. However, with time, wife swapping is being experienced by members of almost all the classes, be it high class, upper middle class or middle class. The couples are freely and opening indulging in it and suffering from no qualms or guilt over the same.
Not only the Metros
The thinking that wife swapping is limited to only the metro cities of India, like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, etc has long become history. It is not only the metro dwellers who are interested in the concept; the residents of small cities are equally willing and enthusiastic about it. Infact, in the small cities, wife swap has become more of a craze and people want to indulge in it initially, out of curiosity and later, for sheer fun.
Equally Enthusiastic Females
With the financial freedom and independence, the 21st century women have become more aware of their needs and are ready to explore all the aspects of a relationship. They no longer play the role of a passive partner and are equally participating in the game of wife swapping and infact, fully enjoying it. The once-thought notion that females are forced to become a party to the whole idea is relevant in the case of a very few females, in today’s world.
Just like most of the things in this world, wife swapping also has negative aspects. There are chances of the swapped partners getting emotionally attached with each other, posing great threat to their married life. In such a case, instead of adding ‘spice’ to the married life, wife swap will result in divorce. Then, there are chances of contracting AIDS and other STDs, though most of the couples who indulge in swapping request for an HIV- report.
All said and done, the concept of wife swapping is now becoming the most accepted alternative to indulging in extra-marital relations. Since both husband and wife indulge in such a relationship, neither of them experiences any guilt. At the same time, they get the liberty to make their life exciting and relieve it of the so-called ‘boredom’ of a married life. However, those who are against it say that it spoils the ‘sanctity’ associated with marriage and degrades the partners.

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