Being fired from your job can be depressing and embarrassing at the same time. Not everyone can handle termination smoothly. Given here are some tips as to how to react and what to do when fired.

What To Do When Fired

Being handed the pink slip is something that most of us are literally scared of and yet we know that it is something that is inevitable in many cases. The fear of being fired from job haunts all working professionals, men or women, especially at the beginning of the careers. The situation gets even worse when we realize that we had given our best to our job and were yet not capable enough to draw the attention of our employers! Since there is no particular law which may bar your employer from firing you without notice, all that you can do to prevent it is work hard and follow the nuances of the job. But even that does not guarantee 100% success rate. As such, it is always advisable to keep this fact (you too can be the next target) alive even if it is keeping the same in the deepest corner of the heart. Also, you need to prepare yourself in advance, what if it suddenly comes as a blow for you. What would you do if you are fired from your job? Will you go around speaking ill about your boss? Or will you sit at home sulking why life is so unfair to you always? We would suggest you to forget about both the options and focus on the future. Here is what you should do when fired from your job.
How To Handle Termination
Phase - 1
Do Not Lose Temper
This one is for those sizzling temperamental ones — there is no point in getting angry at the situation. If you choose to insult your boss after you are fired, the insult may backtrack on you and you may lose out on other employment opportunities. Leaving on a sour note will only turn your relationship all the more acidic!
Reflect On Termination Reasons
Try to reflect on the incidents that led to you being fired from the company. This will help you to bring about a change and improvement when you take up another job. However, it is always advisable to only sort out your mistakes and not make the firing issue an obsession.
Do Not Negotiate & Discuss
Once the pink slip has been handed over, try not to negotiate with your employer to get your job back. This may further force him into disliking you. Also, do not remind him about the old times you shared together. The exercise is actually futile. Similarly, do not discuss your firing with your coworkers. There is no need to inform everybody before leaving the office. You can do the same over phone.
Complete Official Work
Now that you have been fired, it does not mean that you would not spend just another minute in the office premises. Before you leave the office for good, make sure that all the necessary official transactions and paperwork are complete. There is no point visiting the office after you have been fired. Not only would that rub you at the wrong end, but also make you more depressed and embarrassed.
Phase - 2
Now that you have left your office behind, it is time for you to start life afresh and think about a new future. Though this might not be easy, know that life does not end with one termination letter. This might be a rough patch of life that you are going through and will soon end. After all, what is a life if there are no hurdles? Just don’t lose hope of a better future. This is how you should prepare for life after you have been fired.
Be Socially Active
No matter how low you feel at this point of time, it is always good to remain socially active. However, do not shy away from attending corporate events and meetings just because you have been fired from your office. Who knows, these very meetings and parties can help you meet your prospective employer. Start conversations with company executives and various other clients. Your association may prove profitable to them.
Read Newspapers & Journals
A habit of reading newspaper and journal every day is extremely good. It does not keep you abreast with the daily happenings only, but also helps you know what’s new in each of the segments. Also, following the trend, you can polish your skills and make yourself adept with the changes. Additionally, today almost every newspaper has a section which deals with jobs and vacancies. You can browse though it and find a job that suits your area of competence.
Keep Resume Updated
The world has become tech-savvy. So, whether it is dialing a number to order food, chatting with your friends sitting oceans apart or cracking an overseas deal sitting at the comforts of your cubicle, technology is the mantra. We look into the internet for every minute thing today. So, why not look into it for jobs too? There are a number of portals today that allow you to update your resume for employers to know. Go for them and update your resume in each of such websites. Who knows, you might get a call no sooner than you logout of the internet?
Do not be disheartened if you are fired, it may well be your stepping stone to a better job!  

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