Smoking is harmful no matter what type you of cigarette you smoke. Read below to learn the different types of cigarettes.

Types Of Cigarettes

People who wish to know about the different types of cigarettes must realize that there are no such cigarettes that are safe. Whatever the type of cigarette that you smoke, it will always be ‘injurious to health’. Therefore, it is always advisable and to your benefit that you kick the butt. But if you still crave for the drag, then you may as well know what you are smoking and take your pick among the many different types of cigarettes available. However, know that this is not to provide you a variety in your suicidal endeavor, but to give you an option to try the less potent types of cigarettes. Though smoking the less heady ones would not save you from the ill effects of smoking, it will become easier for you to quit the habit if you really want to. This is because less potent cigarettes are easier to quit as the level of the addictive nicotine and tar is relatively less. So, once you make the brain cells get used to less shots of nicotine, the brain will also be a bit less dependent on it. In the article given below are the different types of cigarettes that you can likely find in the market.
Different Kinds Of Cigarettes
Non Filters
These type of cigarettes are the most potent, as they have the highest level of tar and nicotine among all cigarettes. As the name suggests, these types of cigarettes do not have any filters like the regular ones and so are considered to be more damaging.
Full Flavor
These types of cigarettes have a very high flavor. They are also filtered. Full flavored cigarettes have the second highest level of nicotine and tar. This gives them a very potent flavor.
These types of cigarettes come with less taste and potency. So, these tend to be very easy to smoke. The level of tar and nicotine is significantly lower in these types of cigarettes.
Ultra Lights
These cigarettes are characterized by extremely low levels of tar and nicotine. Hence, the taste is also very less potent. The filters of these cigarettes contain very small holes.
Mild Cigarettes
In these cigarettes, there is only a slight decrease in the nicotine and tar levels. The taste is also mild.
Menthol Cigarettes
The cigarettes in this type are the same as others, with the only difference being that the tobacco in this type is mixed with menthol, giving it a minty flavor. Menthol cigarettes are found in full flavored, light and ultra light types as well.
Roll Your Own
These cigarettes are made individually by the smokers. The simple technique is to put the tobacco in a cigarette paper and roll it up. The ends are gummed.
Special Flavors
There are also various types of cigarettes that are made with different flavored tobacco. The various flavors that the cigarettes come with are clove, orange, vanilla and cherry. These type of cigarettes is not very common and is found only in specialty shops.
Novelty Cigarettes
These are not cigarettes in the real sense, as they do not contain nicotine. They are the smokeless and electronic cigarettes. They do use nicotine though, but only as vapor. The smoker receives the nicotine, but does not take in or blow out any smoke.
Herbal Cigarettes
Herbal cigarettes do not contain tobacco or nicotine. Instead these cigarettes are made of different herbs or other plant material. The herbs that are mostly used are mint, cinnamon or lemongrass.
These cigarettes are made from a blend of tobacco, cloves and other flavors. These cigarettes were created by Haji Jamahri in the early 1880s.

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