Soy milk is the best way to include healthy protein in your diet. Read the article to more on the benefits of soy milk diet.

Soy Milk Diet

Tell a vegetarian that without fish and meat he is missing on the main source of protein and you will be surprised to see the person give a shrug, saying that he gets the daily dose of protein in the form of soya, that too without shedding any blood. Yes, soya is the healthiest and the most ethical source of protein. It comes with a reputation that makes it hard for one to ignore it. Soy can be found in a lot of products, ranging from tacos, to tofu to soy-based milk known as soy milk. Amongst them, soy milk is perhaps the healthiest source of soy protein. The soy milk has the same amount of protein as cow’s milk and almost 3% carbohydrates, but unlike cow’s milk, it can be easily manufactured at home. Soy milk also has very little saturated fat and no cholesterol, which makes it a very potent tool for weight watchers. It is also a great source of vitamin E, lecithin, and various other organic chemicals that are beneficial to the health. Thus, with such a huge amount of health benefits, it comes naturally to one’s advantage to adopt a soya milk diet. Read below to know more on what the various benefits of soya milk diet are.
Soy Milk Diet Benefits
  • Soya milk is very rich in proteins, because it contains all the amino acids that the body requires. The proteins in soy milk are only vegetable proteins and as such, a very less amount of calcium is lost through the kidneys. A soy milk diet makes sure that the body is not deficient in protein and essential amino acids.
  • Soya beans are a good source of fiber. In soy milk, the fiber content is not as much as that of the beans, but it is definitely more as compared to cow’s or goat’s milk. A diet of soy milk ensures that the body’s digestive system is properly maintained.
  • Soya milk is also loaded with ‘good’ fats. These fats do not clog the arteries and as such helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. Soy milk does this by reducing the cholesterol level in the blood. Thus, replacing the dairy milk with a soy milk diet goes a long way in strengthening the heart.
  • For those who are lactose intolerant, soy milk is a very good option, as it is lactose free.  Many children are allergic to cow’s milk. Soy milk comes as a rescue in such situations, serving as a good substitute.
  • According to various studies in countries, where soy milk diet is prevalent rather than dairy milk, the incidences of diseases like heart disease, some forms of cancer and osteoporosis are very less. This is because soy milk contains isoflavones, which is believed to prevent such diseases, because these antioxidants protect the cells against free radicals and oxidants. Since isoflavones are not present in cow’s milk, soy milk diet is the best way to intake it. Diets rich in dairy protein have a higher risk of osteoporosis.
  • Soy milk diet also helps in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. This is because soy milk is also a good source of lecithin, the B vitamins and vitamin E.  
  • Soy milk is organic and they do not contain any hormones. Dairy milk contains natural hormones from the animals as well as synthetic hormones. So, soy milk will give you a thoroughly organic diet.
  • Some studies have shown that there may be a link between drinking cow’s milk in early life and the development of insulin-dependent diabetes. A soy milk diet does not have any association with insulin dependent diabetes.

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