Sony India has launched its series of Video MP3 Walkman players in India. Read on to know about their review and features.

Sony Video MP3 Walkman

Sony India, the Indian arms of Sony Corporation, has launched its new range of Video MP3 Walkman players in the India, under the NWZ series. All the walkman players will come equipped with Sony's EX series in-ear-buds, having 13.5 mm drivers that effectively obstruct the surrounding noise. The video players embedded in the walkmans will have a large QVGA LCD screen (320 by 240 pixels) that displays videos at 30 frames per second. They will also be equipped with a standard user interface.
Sony Video MP3 Walkman players have an extremely good battery life, promising up to 33 hours of music playback for NWZ-S710F models and up to 36 hours for NWZ-A720 and NWZ-A820 models. The NWZ-S710F model will have 1.8-inch QVGA screen as well as an FM tuner, with 30 presets, helping you keep in touch with the latest songs. The models under NWZ-A720 and NWZ-A820 series will have a bigger, 2.4-inch QVGA LCD screen. At the same time, they will also be equipped with Bluetooth technology.
This means that you will be able to stream music from the MP3 device to headphones or other devices, easily and conveniently. NWZ-A820K Walkman player will come packed with both EX-series earphones and DR-BT21G Bluetooth wireless-enabled headphones. This means that you can stay connected to music, even on the go. This headset will have built-in remote control features that allow you to play, pause and forward tracks, without even touching the walkman player.
The walkman players have been embedded with technologies that make them compatible with A2DP and security-enhanced Windows Media Audio (WMA). Apart from that, they will also support non-secure AAC, linear PCM and MP3 music formats, along with JPEG files for photos and the AVC (H.264/AVC) Baseline Profile and MPEG-4 video codecs. Sony NWZ-S716F will come in three different colors, namely silver, red and black. It will have a memory and 4GB and a launch price of $150.

Sony NWZ-S718F Video MP3 Walkman will be in black color. It will have 8GB of internal storage and will be launched at a price of $200. NWZ-A726 player will come in two colors - black and pink and have 4 GB internal storage, with a launch price of $150. NWZ-A728 player will also have black and pink models, with 8 GB internal storage and $200 launch price. Another 8 GB internal storage player will be NWZ-A828K, which will be available in black color and cost $270. There are two models with 16 GB memory - NWZ-A729 and NWZ-A829. Both of them will be black in color, with former costing $300 and latter costing $320.

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