Let your body talk! Sexual body language skills are essential in attracting the opposite sex. Read on to find out about sexual communication.

Sexual Body Language

What can you tell from a handshake or a simple smile? How do you know if your girl/guy is still interested in you? How can you tell the difference between flirting and being friendly? These are some of the several questions that most teenagers, as well as the youth, ponder over for days and sometimes even months together! Women and men are hard to read when it comes to sexual body language but getting the knack of it will immediately put you in the dominant position. Sexual body language is not necessarily manifested only during sex; you can also catch glimpses of this kind of communication if someone is physically attracted to you. There are signs that show if a person is physically drawn towards you or not and you must also be familiar with these signs to know how communication can happen without words! Read this article for some enlightenment on this topic and reach greater heights of popularity for exuding your charm!
Sexual Communication
This is one of the first and foremost signs that someone is physically aroused by your presence. Generally, when in presence of the object of your affection, you heart races and the breathing becomes prominent and that is a sign! A peaceful and tranquil breath, on the other hand, shows that there is not much adrenaline rush and hence not much of attraction. Sometimes, women let out involuntary grunts or moans and breathe heavy and at a faster rate. If you see this change, you’re definitely on the right track! Thumping of the heart means that she is stimulated and wants some action but make sure you know her medical conditions and do not mistake a genuine chest ache or asthma attack for a cue!
Parted Lips
For all those who haven’t realized it yet, movies are often right in telling you the truth when it comes to sexual body language! Parted lips indicate a readiness to kiss. When the chin is slightly lifted and the lips look puckered, this is a serious sexual signal and not just casual. Physical contact is now just about to happen! Some psychologists claim that by parting the lips of her mouth a woman suggests that she is ready for more than just a kiss – yes, we are talking about going all the way. Most women choose lip colours such as red and pink for stimulating desire in the opposite sex. It could be coincidence too!
Crossing Legs
Surveys show that when the shoes of a person are deliberately pointed in your direction, it means that he/she is interested in you. Pointing your knee to someone means that they want a close relationship with you. The one thing that women do, that men can’t (or rather shouldn’t) is crossing of legs and this means that she wants to take this thing about sex very seriously. Women sit that way to have their legs exposed and show their interest in men.
Thrusting Hips
It can’t get more obvious than thrusting of hips. Matching your body movements with each other means attraction and that he/she wants to get something out it. It is related to the fact that sex is synchronized and bodies are hence designed to produce an orgasm. If you observe a man/woman leaning too close to you very often with their hips thrusting towards you then it is definite sign of action! Gor for it and make the right moves!
Sexy Blushing
A sexy blush is when an emotional state triggers blood vessels to dilate and rush to the cheeks. Women draw attention by doing this. They can also combine this with playing with their hair, giggling, tilting their heads, raising their eyebrows and so on. An interesting study tells us that cheek rouge was created for this purpose! The other type of blushing is the embarrassed type and you better be able to tell the difference for a proper judgment on sexual communication or you might land up in some really hot soup.

These are some of the ways to understand the nature of sexual body language for both males and females. There are certain hand and eye gestures also but they generally form a rather flirtatious body language and not the sexual kind. Read the above article and use it for your benefit to know what your hot colleague wants or even to show your crush what you want!

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