With numerous problems in life, it seems difficult to find a solution to even one of them. Follow the different steps involved in reality therapy to make things better instantly.

Reality Therapy Techniques

Why is it that we always run after what we cannot achieve? And in this chase, why do we leave behind what we already have? Why accepting the reality is considered to be as toxic as consuming poison? And why some people succeed in chasing their dreams while most are left behind standing at the same road they started from? Here enter the reality therapy techniques that help you to find out what went wrong with your approach or how less effective were your efforts. To put into simple words, reality therapy is a psychotherapeutic and psychological approach that assists in finding what you want to achieve in life and what steps can you take to get closer to them. As such, these reality therapy techniques revolve around five basic needs: power, love & belonging, freedom, fun, and survival. All our goals and ambitions are based on these needs which when fulfilled give us utter satisfaction. And when not realized, encourage us to take an extra step to draw closer towards them. Let us look at some reality therapy techniques that can be of help to you for fulfilling your basic needs and finding solutions to your problems.
Reality Therapy Techniques
Face It!
Lest you answer the questions “What do you want?” and “What are you doing to achieve it?”, you cannot move ahead with even making efforts to fulfill them. And when you get the answers to these questions, be prepared to respond to the final hard-hitter “Are your efforts giving you the desired results?”. Answer this to face the reality and check out whether you are traveling on the right track or not. If you aren’t, find out what’s wrong and pick up a different approach. And if you are lucky enough to get you have always wanted; continue to follow the same techniques in future.
Accept Responsibility
What difference does it make when you and others step into the same shoes? You’ll end up being called a copycat only. Thus, accept responsibility and think out of the conventional box to find out what different you can do to fulfill your basic needs. Instead of concentrating on what others will do, use your thinking caps to focus on what you can do. Only when you find a different route to your problems will you be able to achieve high strides towards getting what you really wanted.
Control Yourself, Not Others!
The sooner you realize that you’re responsible for your deeds, the more effectively will you be able to take steps towards your goals. It is no point trying to manipulate or control others in the act of getting your needs fulfilled. Doing so will alienate you from your goals, thereby leading to dissatisfaction and agony. As such, you can control only yourself and not others. Also, do not let others direct you for you’ll end up falling into a pothole with no help on either side.
Plan Your Task
Before you take any step towards achieving your goals, sketch out a detailed plan indicating your aims at each walk. Find out what you can do to achieve your goal. Make sure that your plan is simple, realistic, measurable, and something that you can control yourself. Preparing a plan that requires a lot of manpower and aiming for success that is beyond realization is an act of stupidity and silliness.
Hope, with these simple reality therapy techniques, you’ll be able to find solutions to your problems and fulfill your basic needs. After all, it’s your life. Enjoy it the way you want to.

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