‘Ragini MMS’ is an upcoming scary thriller starring Raj Kumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala in the leading roles. Check out this film review to know the star cast & music of movie ‘Ragini MMS’.

Ragini MMS Review

Genre: Thriller
Ragini MMS
Director: Pavan Kripalani
Producer: Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Banner: ALT Entertainment, iRock Films, Balaji Telefilms Ltd.
Music Director: Faizan Hussain, Agnel Boman, Shamir Tandon, S. D. Burman, Bappi Lahiri
Lyricist: Vinay Mishra, Faizan Hussain, Agnel Roman, Indeewar, Majrooh Sultanpuri
Star Cast: Raj Kumar Yadav, Kainaz Motivala
Release Date: May 13, 2011

Everything seems to fall in place for this creepy, spine-chilling flick - the release date (it's Friday the 13th), the hi-concept drama and the lethal combination of sex and horror. An Ekta Kapoor product, "Ragini MMS" takes the legacy of this ace producer forward. What started with "Love, Sex and Dhokha" has now been elevated to a greater level, with unconventional and cult movies being the order of the day for her. The saas-bahu soap queen maker has proved time and again that you do not need a big budget to make a big film - a hi-concept drama when wrapped in a constraint budget can even produce a strong film that is sure to wow the audience like any other. If you don’t believe us, check out her filmography and you would know. Be it "Love, Sex and Dhokha", "Once Upon A Time In Mumbai", the very recent "Shor In The City" or "Ragini MMS", her movies have defied each of the norms followed by the film industry and yet managed to strike gold at the box office.
An unconventional story garnished with a heady concoction of skin show and shock when served with spooky effects is sure to break anyone into cold sweat, isn’t it? And "Ragini MMS" has all of that and much more. What is interesting to note is that the makers have successfully managed to prove their point - "Ragini MMS" is definitely the scariest bollywood movie till date. Say it or not, horror is an untouched terrain (RGV - nothing personal!) in Bollywood and "Ragini MMS" effectively manages to break the ice and satiate movie goers with a craving for horror films. Furthermore, the right dose of titillation and eroticism add a new dimension to the film. Period! The movie shows how a passionate and dirty weekend planned by a couple turns into a ghastly and hideous one, all thanks to the presence of the third party. Wondering what actually happens?
The action begins when the metaphysical force decides to make her presence felt - so we have the lights coming and going, the stairs unnecessarily creeping and shadows flitting across and all this when no one's looking. Sounds eerie and uncanny? Are you hands over your face, your eyelids shutting and opening successively? If yes, then take in this - in the middle of foreplay, we have the yanking of hair, flinging of bodies and wounding of the flesh. Argghss.. Is this enough to make you jump off your seat? However, the best part of the movie is that not at any time of the screening time does the sex drama overpowers and becomes smutty. In fact, the film teases the audience at various occasions. Also, silence does prevail in the movie but not long enough to make you fret and rush out of the theatre. In short, it can be said that "Ragini MMS" forwards viewers a voyeuristic experience.
This does not mean that "Ragini MMS" does not have its shades of grey - it does but very minor ones that can be overlooked conveniently For example, post-interval, the film drags for some time but gets a grip soon after. This is especially true in the middle portion of the second half. Besides, the run-time of the show is just about 100 minutes. Had the makers extended the time just a little bit more, audience could have just about time to register everything well. Yet these are just minor blotches on the otherwise perfect frame. Talk about performance and we have two outstanding newcomers, Raj Kumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala, who have left behind all their inhibitions and reticence to bring forth a spectacular show. They sure deserve a round of applause. The steamy scenes between them look realistic and add to the pragmatic mood of the film. Debutant director Pavan Kirpalani is also worthy of merit, for not many out there have the guts to come out with a scandalous concept right in their first venture.
Final Verdict: The curtains have been raised, the mystery is waiting to be unfolded and the horror is all set to penetrate into your spine - so what are you waiting for? Go and get the tickets before they are all sold out! This spooky tale is a not-to-be-missed one!

Ragini MMS Pre-release Review 
After establishing herself in the television industry, Ekta Kapoor is all set to conquer the silver screen. With critically acclaimed movies ‘Love, Sex Aur Dhoka’, ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’, and ‘Shor In The City’, she seems to have cracked the right formula. The success of her recent Mumbai-based ‘Shor In The City’ has given way for her next ‘Ragini MMS’ - a potent mix of sex and horror. Apparently inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Paranormal Activity’, this voyeuristic horror movie brings together the elements of two real-life incidents - the incident of a paranormal nature occurred in Mumbai and the 2004 Delhi MMS scandal of 22-year old Deepika, with a touch of sexy twist. The film is directed by debutant Pavan Kriplani and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, under the banners ALT Entertainment, iRock Films, and Balaji Telefilms Ltd. This bilingual film has been shot in both Hindi and Telugu simultaneously. ‘Ragini MMS’ is slated for a May 13, 2011 release.
‘Ragini MMS’ revolves around a young couple who are all set to explore their sex lives amidst some seriously spooky and horror happenings. A young couple, Uday (Raj Kumar Yadav) and Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) are in love and wish to spend a dirty romantic weekend at a friend’s farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai. But little do they know that every nook and corner of the house is fitted with hidden cameras that capture sequences which are beyond the understanding of normal human beings. In short, something strange and metaphysical is happening around. Caught in the mercy of a paranormal force, how the couple faces the circumstances and plans to fight against the weird behaviors inside the house form the crux of the story.
Even though the movie has footage of how young couples talk in their bedroom with loads of sex and steamy lovemaking scenes, Ekta has denied the fact of it being a porn film. With nothing much to expect from the music of this movie, the album is not worth treating the music buffs, except the yesteryear hit ‘Raat akeli hai’ and the romantic sensual ‘Itne kareeb aao’. Declared as the scariest movie Indian cinema has ever been a witness to, Ekta Kapoor hopes to appeal the audience with the ultimate catchphrase “They didn't know it then, but it was a threesome!” Now, let’s wait and watch how the audience reacts to the cutting edge ‘Ragini MMS’ when it releases on 13th May, 2011 - a concept beyond the established genres of romance, family drama, and gangsters. 

Ragini MMS  
Ragini MMS

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