Smokers die trying to ‘kick the butt’ but are usually not that successful, because of the periodic cravings. Here are some ways to naturally quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Tips

It is hardest when it comes to quitting the habit – or kicking the butt as it is often called! The comfort that smoking provides is easy to get hooked to but difficult to quit, which explains why many people who seem to get along fine without smoke for a few days, go back to the habit. It then takes them many years and a truckload of will power to get rid of the habit. They try a method that suits them well, helps them either deal with initial loss of nicotine that the body cannot adjust all of a sudden, or turn to alternatives that are less dangerous than actually smoking. The point to remember is that, irrespective of what method you employ, the right time to quit is Right Now! Having made that clear, here are some natural ways to quit smoking.
Natural Ways To Stop Smoking 
Some of the most surefire ways of quitting smoking for good are the most difficult ones. Also, there are some ways that smoothen the path that you take, when you plan to quit smoking. Here are some natural ways to quit smoking:
Herbal Methods
Herbal tea contains a lot of natural substances that keep you fresh and provide strength to your nerves. They also boost the immunity of the body, helping it to fight the harmful elements injected by the cigarette. Moreover, they also remove the toxic chemicals deposited in the body as a result of smoking . This also helps you to overcome respiratory problems caused by smoking. It is usually very easy to convince smokers into taking recourse to herbal teas as many of them, by and large, have the habit of taking tea or coffee. If they can choose a healthier substance that could help them give up smoke, they may not feel many of the initial symptoms that people experience while quitting smoking.
Hypnotherapy or self hypnosis is another way to train your mind into accepting a life without smoke, while the body gets used to managing without nicotine. In fact, the maximum numbers of patients who come to hypnotherapists are those who want to quit smoking for good. Hypnosis usually works by sending your body and mind into a deeply relaxed state – rather a state of increased sensitivity and consciousness, where you are open to suggestions that make your resolve stronger, when it comes to quitting smoking and increase your negative feelings toward cigarettes. Ask your doctor to recommend a qualified and well known cessation hypnotherapist and make an appointment with him or her as soon as possible.
Acupuncture and acupressure are the oldest methods that have been used to help a person quit smoking. It helps by triggering the release of chemicals known as endorphins that relieve pain, send out waves of good feelings and help the body to relax. Also, in the long run, acupuncture helps to deal better with the withdrawal symptoms of smoking more easily and with less cravings.
Nicotine Replacement
Since it is difficult for the body too, not just the mind, to deal with loss of nicotine from the blood stream, some people resort to nicotine supplements like chewing gum laced with nicotine or nicotine patches that will help deal better with the loss of nicotine and help take care of the initial withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking. They also offer a less dangerous alternative to a cigarette as they contain nicotine, but do not introduce to your body the harmful chemicals that a cigarette does.

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