Pirate treasure hunt game is a perfect entertainment option to make your guests happy. Get innovative ideas for pirate treasure hunt clues and make the path leading to the treasure challenging.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Clues

Pirate theme is gaining popularity among the various party theme ideas. Be it a birthday or any other celebration, a pirate theme adds life and energy to the gathering. Adding up to the entertainment and fun of such a party is the popular treasure hunt game. Hiding an object or a treasure and then creating clues and path to reach the treasure is an exciting experience. As you know, no treasure hunt game can be played without clues or riddles to be solved. It is these clues and riddles that make the game tricky and challenging. A treasure map, poetry, a tale anything can become a clue for the treasure hunt. Little bit of creativity and planning is all that you need to make the game interesting. Here are few treasure hunt clue ideas that might help you introduce a new challenge to your guests.
Pirates Treasure Hunt Clue Ideas
Poems And Riddles
Poems and riddles are one of the famous ways of providing clues for treasure hunt games. Come up with poems or riddles that offer clues to the size, description and location of the object or treasure to be located. However, make sure that deciphering the poem or riddle does not come easy to the teams.
Cryptograms are writings in code. Cryptograms can also be used to hide clues for a treasure hunt. A simple way to create cryptogram is to design a chart showing all characters and letters of the alphabets, and then assign numbers to each letter. More than one letter can be assigned to a single number. Hand over the chart to the players as well as the page that includes the series of numbers as clue. Each number resembles a letter, which has to be figured out by the players to crack the clue.
Treasure Map
Treasure map is an integral part of a treasure hunt and no treasure hunt game can be complete without it. Use your creativity and make the treasure map look authentic and old by using worn out yellow pages and by burning the edges. You can crumble the paper, tear it into different pieces and hide them at different places, along the way. Put clues for direction and location of the map pieces, which the team needs to collect on their way and join together to get to the treasure. You can use invisible ink to make the work a bit difficult for the team.
Bottled Message
You can purchase small transparent glass bottles with corks and fill them with sand and two scraps of paper. These scraps of paper can contain clues to reach to the treasure. Cipher these clues by using code words or poems to hide the meaning. You can hide the bottles under the bushes, behind the fireplace, on the benches or on the path which leads the team to the treasure. Make sure the team collects all the clues as they proceed. Make the winning team show all the collected clues to prove that they stopped at the right places.
Ask Blackbeard
Make the treasure hunt more exciting and real by asking one of the members of each of the teams to dress up like Blackbeard. Blackbeard was the most feared pirate of the 18th century. He had the fiercest of the history with his command on 2 ships and 250 pirates. The team members can ask for clues to Blackbeard who can say out the clues in riddles to the treasure-seekers. But, if asked too many times he can keep one of the member hostages. To release the prisoner, a ransom needs to be provided by the team.
Water Clues
Water clues are clues that lead you to sinks, bathrooms, birdbaths or similar locations for the next clue. Water clues can prove to be a good measure to make the game realistic and entertaining. You can use certain words or phrases in your clue to direct the treasure-seekers towards the water outlets to seek for the next clue.

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