‘Naughty @ 40’ is a forthcoming out-an-out comedy flick starring Govinda and Yuvika Choudary in the lead. Check out this film review to know the star cast & music of Hindi Movie ‘Naughty @ 40’.

Naughty @ 40 Review

Genre: Comedy 
Naughty @ 40
Director: Jagmohan Mundhra
Producer: Anuj Sharma, Sandeep Kapur
Banner: Gangani Multimedia Corporations, Srishti Creations, Promodome Films
Music Director: Monty Sharma
Star Cast: Govinda, Anupam Kher, Shakti Kapoor, Yuvika Choudary, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Smita Jaykar, Sanjay Mishra, Harish Patel, Sayali Bhagat
Release Date: April 29, 2011

We only wonder what made director Jagmohan Mundhra make the crude and disastrous ‘Naughty @ 40’ that simply reveals nothing but an utter disappointing and ruinous plot. Not just that the plot is haywire but scriptwriter Salim Raza has made an entry into the list of clear-cut copycats, considering that we already have dozens of them existing in our Indian cinema. An explicit adaptation of the Hollywood ‘The 40-Year Old Virgin’, he has not even dared to try his hand on creativity or add on some puns and witty lines to suit the tastes of the Indian audience. The movie has made all efforts to deliver a drag-and-pull experience, not realizing that it had the Bollywood’s comedy king (we mean Govinda here!) at its dispense to set the stage on fire with his natural comical acting abilities.
Remembered for his somber and hard-hitting plots, Jagmohan opts for a cake of comedy this time, but for sure, fails to even live up to the expectations of the concept of slapstick. The poorly depicted vulgar dialogues, naughty jokes, and skin show have all taken a back seat, with regard to the present generation discovering the tactics of maturity and adulthood at early stages. With just a countable actual amusing and witty sequences, including the conversations on camels, elephants, flies, and dogs mating at its disposal, the script is far behind satisfactory. For, all that you can explore is crammed and unnecessary humor, fitted in places to enhance the storyline. Surely, we assume that by now, you must have started cribbing over Govinda to appear in such gibberish and claptrap so-called-comical saga. 
Well, if that is not enough to keep you away from buying a couple tickets to catch a glimpse of your Bollywood comedy king, here’s how the story follows. Govinda is a 40-year old London-based guy (mind it, he is still not a man!) residing with his parents Anupam Kher and Smita Jaykar, along with cousin Harish. The plot seems to be too plain and simple, but our hero is still a virgin that comes as a twist and in fact, marks the core. With his father and his employee (Shakti Kapoor) making several attempts to let lose Govinda’s virginity, the movie journeys you through bawdy humor and syrupy sloppiness in the first half. The post-interval portions bring you back to India portraying a typical ‘love triangle’ with Govinda finding love in a foreigner, post marriage to the youngster Yuvika, a match arranged by their families. Bawdy jokes, semi-naked bodies, trans-sexuality, and ruthless humor form the crux of the story, not to forget the constant reminder about the presence of a 40-year old virgin. 
Govinda’s humorous and naughty capabilities have simply gone waste, right into the garbage bin. And accompanying him are the very talented Anupam Kher and Shakti Kapoor, known for rolling up audiences from their seats. Smita Jaykar’s role as a mother is simply negligible. Harish and Sanjay Mishra are passable and so is Sayali Bhagat in a cameo. What comes as a surprise is the young, bubbly Yuvika who, despite her age and experience differences, manages to harmonize Govinda perfectly. The songs are just add-ons to extend the already comatose and exhausted narrative, except ‘Thoda tum adjust karo’ which counts as ‘tolerable’. The locales of London and Manali make no contributions to lifting the passing bar of the film. A strict piece of advice - guys, kindly enroll yourselves in a well-reputed cinema school to grab some promising projects!
Our Take: Schedule your weekend with other appointments rather than even trying to figure out how naughty Govinda tries being in ‘Naughty @ 40’!

Naughty @ 40 Pre-release Review 
Bollywood’s comedy king, Govinda is back to woo his fans with his trademark slapstick comedy. ‘Naughty @ 40’ is the upcoming hilarious saga directed by Jagmohan Mundhra of the ‘Provoked’ and ‘Bawandar’ fame. The movie is apparently believed to be inspired by the 2005 Hollywood buddy comedy film ‘The 40 Year-Old Virgin’ starring Steve Carell. Bannered under Gangani Multimedia Corporations, Srishti Creations, and Promodome Films, this movie has been produced by Anuj Sharma and Sandeep Kapur. Sharing the screen space with Govinda are the super-charming Yuvika Choudary and the gorgeous Sayali Bhagat playing his young love interests. The refreshing and connecting music has been composed by Monty Sharma. ‘Naughty @ 40’ slated for an April 29, 2011 release.
Govinda is a 40+ year old bachelor brought up in a rich yet dysfunctional Punjabi family. In spite of working and living in London, Govinda is a virgin and does not possess the required skills to approach a girl and ask her out. On discovering this, his friends inform his father Anupam Kher, who, in turn, asks his colleagues and cousins to show him the other side of his confused and introvert world. Despite being exposed to massage parlors and night clubs, Govinda ends up messing up the entire efforts. Desperate to get him married, Kher arranges his marriage with a Sayali Bhagat in the village of Himachal Pradesh. But this does not do any good to their efforts, as the engagement is called off due to his disease of walking in the sleep. On being persuaded by a pandit to get him married during that particular period, Kher finds a potential mate in the tom-boyish young lass Yuvika Choudary.
Just the beginning of a complicated situation, the couple’s marriage journeys you through the issue of late marriage, age differences, and the after-effects. What happens when a naïve young girl is unprepared for marriage and a matured single virgin doesn’t know how to initiate things come together? The King of Comedy, aka Govinda, has returned to tickle the audience with his friendly appeals, common touch, and humorous effects - his signature antics. The hilarious enactments of dialogues and situations with a tinge of fun and humor are sure to tickle your funny bones. Do check out apna Chi Chi’s new look as he is all set to flatter the ladies with his blonde highlights, depicting a youthful look. With several serious movies released over the last few weeks, would ‘Naughty @ 40’ be a breather for one and all? Well, only time will tell as this flick releases on April 29, 2011.

Naughty @ 40  
Naughty @ 40

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