Morale is a vital component in any organization or workplace to achieve success. Read on to know how to keep up morale in the workplace.

Morale In The Workplace

“Morale is when your hands and feet keep on working when your head says it can't be done" said Benjamin Morrel about workplace morale. It is common in today’s hectic world of work for one to lose patience, endurance and morale pretty quickly at the work place.  This in turn leads to decrease in productivity and overall employee resentment! Very few employers and managers these days are concerned about team spirit and employee morale today. They tend to be more concerned and inclined towards performance and instant results. Though performance and results are important, the means employed to achieve them should be employee friendly. If you feel that your workplace morale is very poor, then it is high time you engaged means to build it. Remember that there is no magic wand available to evoke morale straight away. It is an evolutionary process which will happen on a consistent basis. Here are a few pointers through which you can revive and boost employee morale at your workplace. 

How To Improve Workplace Morale

Communicate Openly
Managers and employers should have an open communication system with their employees. It does not mean that you should openly scream or yell at your employees. Communicating openly means that there should be a two-way traffic and both the employees and the employers should be able to point out their difficulties at ease.
Fix Up A Humor Board
Every office will have quite a few memo boards, where the performance of employees and other work-related information will be posted. You can fix up a similar humor board in some common location where the employees can post jokes, any interesting piece of information, amusing photos, etc. In this way, they can laugh out their troubles when they arrive at the office on any dull morning.
Managers and bosses should appreciate and recognize any piece of work the employee has done. Appreciation does not have to necessarily translate into a salary hike, bonus or an incentive. Instead, a small appreciation and a pat on the shoulder will always boost the employee.
Team Activities
Employers can also organize team building activities to cheer up staff. Good team work always gets converted into good results. Creative team building activities like an excursion, a party or something as simple as a picnic will help sure go a long way in making your employees happy.
Workout Flextime Plan
If possibly, workout flexible timings for your employees. For instance, if you have female employees with kids, you can allow them to work from home for a few days in a month, or you could occasionally allow them to come late or go early on certain days. Employing such tactics will result in a happy and productive employee.
Conference Away From Office
Hold conferences and meetings away from office on a day or two may be in a nearby restaurant. These places are better when compared to stuffy boardrooms. You will be surprised to learn that your employees will be more attentive and will interact more in such a circumstance.
Arrange For Contests and Awards
Contests like ‘ethnic day’ or a fun filled ‘masquerade day’ can be organized and gift vouchers and certificates can be presented to the winners. You can also present appreciation certificates every month for the ‘best performer of the month’. You can even ask your staff to contribute ideas. This will make them feel that you care for them and their thoughts.
Train Employees
You can arrange for training or interactive talk sessions for your team or staff by a psychologist on techniques of fighting stress. People can handle work more efficiently when they are less stressed out. Also remember to set goals that are achievable. You can use cross-training methods which would not only improve their skills, but also bring out the hidden competitiveness.

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