‘Love U...Mr. Kalakaar!’ is a romantic comedy starring Tusshar Kapoor and Amrita Rao. Check out this film review to know the star cast & music of ‘Love U...Mr. Kalakaar!’

Love U...Mr. Kalakaar! Review

Genre: Romance
Love U...Mr. Kalakaar!
Director: S. Manasvi
Producer: Kamal Kumar Barjatya, Rajkumar Barjatya, Ajit Kumar Barjatya
Banner: Rajshri Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Music Director: Sandesh Shandilya
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir
Star Cast: Tusshar Kapoor, Amrita Rao, Ram Kapoor, Madhoo, Prem Chopra, Jai Kalra, Kiran Kumar, Prashant Ranyal
Special Appearance: Salman Khan
Release Date: May 13, 2011

It's war of the siblings at the box office this weekend - Ekta Kapoor Vs Tusshar Kapoor! While on one hand we have the cult movie producer, on the other there is a blank and expressionless dude, best remembered for his aa-ee-oo act. So, what do you think would be the fate of the box office? No prize for guessing, for "Ragini MMS" has surely rubbed the critics in a good way. As for "Love U…Mr Kalakar", all that we can say is "naye packet mein bech rahe hai yeh toh chiz purani". Known for delivering family drama sagas, Rajshri's Productions next venture is a mirror image of its earlier movies - the story is the same, the treatment similar and sadly, even the caricature of the characters is alike. So, pragmatically speaking, there is nothing in the movie that we haven't seen before - the only twist being that the love affair crosses wall and reaches the board room instead of the living room which is otherwise seen.
Wondering what went wrong with the movie? Let's see, well, the answer is everything. The perception of the Indian audience has changed for good. However, this, by no chance, means that we aren't game for family dramas, depicting Bharatiye sanskriti and parampara. We are, the only request being, make the saga as close to being real as possible. The moment the drama gets unreal, it would fail to connect to the audience and that is exactly the point from where it would lose the grip and enter the doomed pothole. And that is precisely what happens to "Love U…Mr Kalakar" - the plot deadly beaten, the acting blatantly unimpressive, the emotions so emotionless and detached and the movie oh-so-saccharine. Coming from the cap of first-time director S. Manasvi, the movie not even for once reflects his ingenuity and style. It rather seems like S. Manasvi, in every aspect, has taken inspiration (read: copied) from Sooraj Barjatya's trademark style.
The movie is about how a couple, explicitly apart from each other, find love in each other. However, just as expected, the father-in-law of the groom-to-be does not much believe in the authenticity of the love of the latter and hence, sets a target for him. The movie is all about how the hero takes up the challenges and proves himself worthy at the end. While the beginning and the end of the movie are still tolerable, it is the irksome and dragging middle portion that becomes unbearable. To add to the woes, the movie has no twists and turns that we haven't seen before. There is a 'prospective-groom' angle and then villains who plan a 'second-woman-in-his-life' approach. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that "Love U…Mr Kalakar" is an impoverished clone of its predecessors. Wish there was even a streak of originality in the script, which, by the way, is also penned by S. Manasvi, or Mr Extension of Sooraj Barjatya.
The music of the movie is average, with two songs 'Sarphira Sa Hai Dil' and 'Bhoore Bhoore Baadal' being strictly pleasant (don't expect anything further than this). Now, as far as the performance is concerned, Tusshar Kapoor lives up to the expectation and does what he knows best - to remain expressionless and blank! After all, how difficult would that be taking into consideration he was portraying real to reel! Amrita, on the other hand, is charming and brings forth her acting skills to play yet again. Just a bit of advice for her - work on your wardrobe girl, after all, it's showbiz that you are in! Ram Kapoor is impressive and so is Prem Chopra. Madhoo's return to the big screen after a hiatus is refreshing. As for the rest, Kiran Kumar, Snigdha Akolkar, Prashant Ranyal and Yateen Karyekar, they are all passable.
Final Say: The result is out and it is Ekta Kapoor who has won the war of the siblings. Tough luck Tusshar, but guess you won't mind much given the fact that there was hardly anything to lose.

Love U...Mr. Kalakaar! Pre-release Review 
Rajshri Productions have earned enormous name and fame in the film industry over the last several decades not only for clean entertainment and unique casting, but also for their chartbusting and everlasting songs. The latest to enter in this sequence from the house of Rajshri is ‘Love U…Mr. Kalakaar!’ This film not only marks the pairing of the ever-beautiful Amrita Rao and the charming Tusshar Kapoor for the first time, it also marks the directorial debut of S. Manasvi, who has scripted several popular television shows previously. Produced by Kamal Kumar Barjatya, Rajkumar Barjatya, and Ajit Kumar Barjatya, the movie has been bannered under the renowned Rajshri Productions Pvt. Ltd. The soft romantic and melodious songs are composed by Sandesh Shandilya and scripted by Manoj Muntashir. ‘Love U…Mr. Kalakaar’ is set to hit the silver screen on May 13, 2011.
What happens when two people from different worlds and tastes cross each other? Sounds similar and quite familiar! Well, that’s exactly what we have been offered over the last few weeks; take ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ ‘Chalo Dilli’ for example. But when it’s a Rajshri project, you just have to wait to see the twist it brings along with a conventional and usual concept. Coming to the plot of the movie, Sahil (Tusshar Kapoor) is a cartoon artist, whose world is surrounded by papers, shapes, and patterns, inspired by the sky, earth, spiders, and anything that talks emotions. Ritu (Amrita Rao) is a management trainee obsessed with finances, figures, credits, debits, turnovers, profits, losses, and deadlines. How the two opposites meet each other, fall in love, and journey through different ups and downs to unite forms the crux of the story.
Will Sahil be successful in sketching the rules of business management in the corporate world or will Ritu give up to the simplicity of an artist? Overwhelmed after the massive success of the ‘Golmaal’ series, this is Tusshar Kapoor’s second movie as a lead hero after the much appreciated “Shor In The City”, in the recent times. Whether or not he will be successful in establishing and firming himself in the list of leading actors is something to watch out for with this flick. Will he be able to deliver and do what Shahid Kapoor did with ‘Vivah’? Besides, will the new and distinct pairing of Tusshar and Amrita be liked by the audience? Other attractions of this drama boast of a cameo by Salman Khan and the return of ‘Roja’ girl Madhoo after a 9 year hiatus. To find out the answers to all these biggie questions, wait until May 13, 2011 when ‘Love U…Mr. Kalakaar’ releases.

Love U...Mr. Kalakaar!  
Love U...Mr. Kalakaar!

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