Jazz LCD is the latest model unveiled by LG in its segment of flat panel display TV, in India. With this review, know more about the features of LG Jazz LCD TV.


Sleek and shine seems to be the mantra these days, which is followed in case of practically everything. Right from television sets to mobile phones, every gadget is being made sleek and high on performance. The latest to join this bandwagon is LG's Jazz LCD TV. 'Jazz' is the second model in the flat panel display TV segment, after 'Scarlet'. With Flat Panel Display (FPD) making a significant ground in the television market, the move by LG seems a well thought one.
The most striking feature of LG's Jazz LCD TV is its auto sliding speakers, a concept novel to consumers. These speakers are believed to redefine the quality of television sound in the near future. With its high definition sound effects, Jazz seems to be perfect option for music lovers. The 32 inch LCD has a 500w sound, built-in 3.1-channel virtual surround sound and in-built woofers. The TV has an improvised design that boasts of stylish exteriors, with an enhanced sleek design and rich image resolution - the ideal combination to woo urban dwellers.
LG's Jazz LCD TV has attractive and appealing exteriors. There is a simple button placed in the far right of the screen to turn on the TV. The LCD also has a LED buried beneath the plastic of the bezel. The screen of the TV turns red in standby mode and glows blue when switched on. The remote is user friendly, with well designed buttons. Jazz has a quick reception to the instructions from the remote control. At the back side of the TV, there is a pair of HDMI inputs and a pair of Scart sockets. There is also a third HDMI on the side.
Jazz flaunts an 'AV mode', which is primarily a group of settings for various types of programmes. There are three different modes - cinema mode, sport mode and game mode, which enhance the viewing experience by adjusting to basic requirements. Jazz also boasts of LG’s clear voice technology, which ensures high-quality sound and eliminates the problems of distraction due to background noise. LG's latest LCD is also equipped with 'intelligent sensor' that senses the light exposure in a room and adjusts the backlight accordingly.
The presence of HDMI 1.3 ports at the rear side allows for audio/video connections for devices like DVD players, cable boxes and game consoles. The high definition LCD also has an amazing contrast ratio of 50000:1, which delivers brighter whites, deeper blacks and more lively colors. The menu of LG's Jazz LCD TV is also well designed with beautiful logos and a new-styled interface. It is simple and leaves no scope for confusion.

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