Several factors determine the satisfaction of employees with their job. Explore this article to know the different factors determining employee job satisfaction.

Job Satisfaction Factors

Frequent change of jobs is a common sight in today’s world. The major reason for most professionals doing so is the constant dissatisfaction with their respective jobs. Unlike our ancestors who worked on the same profile and with the same company throughout their lives, the younger generation demands more from their employers. Money, status, and position are not any more the ‘only’ factors that one looks for in a new organization. Job satisfaction serves to be one of the most significant determinants of a satisfied employee. So, just in case you are doubtful about sticking to your current so-so job or wish to jump to another employer, go through the factors listed herein before you make that important decision. You may just find that your job isn’t as bad as you originally thought of. After all, happy workers are productive workers, right! Read further for the job satisfaction factors.
Factors Affecting Employee Job Satisfaction
This is one of the most important factors to be considered before taking up a new job or leaving your current job. The pay, that you are getting and the growth pattern of that pay, will largely influence the level of your job satisfaction. If you are happy with your pay, it will show in your performance and productivity. Further, before you opt for quitting the present job, simply compare your pay with other people across the country in the same profile.
Office Location
Is your office sited in a great little neighborhood or in a drab office park? If you are satisfied with the location of your office, it sure counts as one factor of your job satisfaction. After all, you wouldn’t want to travel miles to reach that boring and uninteresting commercial area to earn some extra bucks against what you can earn walking down the lane in your locality.
Working Conditions
Working for eight hours or more can be really tolerable if you have a great and entertaining crew working along with you. Further, if you receive the right working conditions, such as lighting, space, and other such factors, it will only increase your level of job satisfaction. In short, you will want to go to work if your organization provides you with a good workplace communication and encouraging environment.
Supporting Superiors
A good and encouraging boss is difficult to find. And if you are lucky to find one such, you have no reasons to quit that job and look for another uncertain boss who is always after you. If you are happy with the way your boss and other superiors treat you, there’s more progress and development waiting for you.
Recognition Of Self
Another major factor determining job satisfaction is the inclusion of a good evaluation system that recognizes the efforts and work of employees. Appreciating one’s work or providing better opportunities will motivate and encourage him to contribute more to the firm as opposed to one who has lost interest in his work because no matter how much efforts he puts in, he knows his efforts will not be respected or identified.

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