Nobody is privileged enough to live a life without problems. Find the best ways to solve some of them.

How To Solve A Problem

“The obstacle is the path.” If you agree with this statement, then you will definitely reach milestones in life. Life is a never ending test, a battle where the winner or the loser is never ascertained. We come across challenges every day. Challenges that instil us with a sense of purpose without which, life would be empty and far too predictable for one’s liking. A human’s being problem solving abilities has done wonders to humanity. Dilemmas such as reaching London from Delhi in less than a day have been solved by the ingenious invention of an airplane. Long distance communication is now possible thanks to Graham Bell. To every problem, there is indeed a solution. Sometimes, the problem is the solution - Alcohol! No doubt, solving problems aren’t easy to do but it’s worth every ounce of sweat. For instance, substituting horses with roadways was no piece of cake and involved plentiful struggle, but it paid off in the end! As you drive along the smooth highway and arrive at your final destination, be inspired to solve your own problems tactfully! Follow this article for a bunch of helpful problem solving techniques.

Problem Solving Techniques

Identify The Problem
Before you go ahead and attempt to solve a crisis, you obviously do need to identify it as a problem. Trace the source of the issue and try rectifying it from there. Investing valuable time and effort in a misguided plot is an absolute waste of resources. Approach the issue head on in a very logical manner where there are no hindrances and pressure constraints.

Dissect And Investigate The Problem
Analyze every crevice of the situation. Determine the vital aspects and the irrelevant ones as you investigate the issue. Establish the cause and effect relationship within the problem at hand. Gauge the problem and build an appropriate strategy to solve it efficiently. Introspect. What is the result that you wish to achieve? What steps should you take to accomplish the desired result? Dig deep into the problem and ponder over potential strategies under the set parameters.

Frame Alternative Solutions And Consider Consequences
If you are aware of the results you anticipate, then it’s time to get started with the list of the most conducive alternatives. Use the method of problem reduction and arrive at a suitable solution. So what do you do when your standard of living is too high for your income? You either lower your expenses or scout for better terms of employment. It’s as simple as that! When you pick an alternative, you will definitely have to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Consider the positive and negative consequences of the alternatives and bingo, you will have a winner soon enough!

Execute Your Plan
Execute your strategy in a logical manner and re-evaluate each and every step as you are bound to encounter bumps along the way. Do not worry too much of meeting your goals, focus on completing your mission by giving it your best! Evaluate each step if you think there is room for improvement. Has there been an error in planning? Have new parameters developed along the way? Nothing good comes without hassles, which is why you shouldn’t be too infuriated if you have to repeat the whole process with changes, all over again!

When The Solution Is The Problem
Many a times, the intended solutions create newer problems, which are much harder to solve. In such cases, people generally decide to ignore the problem altogether. For instance, your cell phone has mysteriously disappeared. Tempted by irrational suspicion, you point the finger at your maid. Your maid is overtly offended and leaves. Now you are stuck without a phone and without a maid. Good grief! If you followed the problem solving process from the beginning, you might’ve not only been able to find your phone, but also keep your maid!

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