Being too largely-endowed may bring you compliments, but it also brings backaches. Read on to know how to reduce bust size.

How To Reduce Bust Size

You may smile smugly or shyly when someone compliments about the humungous size of your breasts. It may make you walk with confidence, and give you a chance to slam Pamela Anderson for having artificially got, what you naturally have, never mind the fact that the size consists more of fat than anything else. All was fine, till you realized how much pressure a huge bust puts on your back and shoulders, giving rise to chronic backaches, breathing problems and a skewed posture that will further aggravate upper back issues. Now, also think about all the push-up bras that you have had to invest in to ‘uplift the downtrodden’ – the cost of one of them is enough for a normally endowed girl to buy a pair of undergarments. Also, push-up bras play havoc with the breasts themselves, squeezing large ones into a fairly small area. Sometimes, surgery is the only option; many times, it is not an option at all. Read on to find out more about how to reduce bust size.
How To Reduce Breast Size 

Sweat It Out
Perhaps the best way to reduce a huge bust is to work it out. There are a good number of exercises that are very effective in reducing breast, for instance riding a bicycle, swimming and going for a jog. Actually, any kind of cardio vascular exercise or even push-ups will help decrease breast size. Half an hour of aerobics is a must, if you haven’t got the time to go to the gym. Invest in a pair of weights and perform set of chest presses. If you prefer to do chest presses at the neighbourhood gym, then you may start with small weights and increase them at regular intervals after you gain strength. 

Instead of doing exercises that involve burning the fat of the whole body, perform exercises that concentrate on the chest area. Bench presses are just the kind that you would choose; however if it’s not possible for you to do bench presses at the gym, use normal weights of about two kilograms each. Now lie down flat on the ground and keep the weights near your shoulders. Now slowly raise the weights, breathing in simultaneously. Pause at the highest point and bring the weights down, exhaling simultaneously. Perform a set of ten repetitions twice a day and three times a week. 

Under The Knife
Breast Reduction Surgery is performed by qualified doctors. Called as Mammoplasty, it involves manual removal of fat tissue from breasts. The only flipside could be the fact that it comes under cosmetic surgery and is not covered by insurance companies. It’s understandable, many of them would never know about the health issues that huge breasts pose. 

Many breast Reduction pills are available in the market. However, extreme caution is supposed to be exercised when using them. Consult your physician about it; many of them are not certified by government agencies that test these drugs, like FDA or Indian Council for Medical Research.

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