Regrets, they say, put the reverse gear into the drive called life, holding one back from moving forward. Learn how to get rid of regretful feelings.

How To Get Rid Of Regret

Someone rightly said “’If Only’ are the two saddest words in the world.” Those two words signal one of the biggest enemies residing within one’s psyche, that man has ever known – regret. Regret not only lets a person wallow in the complacent mud-pool of self-pity, but also stops one from moving ahead with life. It is for this reason that we have to train our minds to get rid of such feelings of guilt and self-pity. Also, many a times, the same regretful feelings – of having lost money, jobs or friends – make us incapable of appreciating what we do have and can do. Thus, it is all the more important to get rid of such feelings of regret. Here are ways in which you can get rid of regretful feelings
Ways To Rid Yourself Of Regret 
Here are some ways in which you can get rid of regretful feelings:
Is It In My Control? 
You must never forget that not everything is in our control – many a times not even how many years we shall get to live. However, what we can do with what is available to us, is definitely under our control. For instance, you may not have a job that pays you well, but how you judiciously you spend the money is completely up to you. It is pointless to blame oneself for what is beyond our control, for there is no lesson to be learnt out of it. If, what went wrong with you was something you could have helped, only in that case there is a lesson that can be learnt out of it. So, if you find out that what you are regretting was beyond your control, you must snap out of it as quickly as possible.
Smell The Tulips, Forget the Poison Ivy 
Another major problem with regret and regretful feelings is the fact that they do not let one enjoy and appreciate what is good. People who do not have satisfying jobs often forget that, in a country like India, there are thousands who cannot afford a decent meal in a day, and would not hesitate to take up any job that others would consider ‘menial’. In fact, all those who are trying to enter the show business in our country often end up working as waiters at popular restaurants, just to make a living. Many of us who have gone through a failed relationship tend to forget how many men and women go through life without ever experiencing love at all and have to lie to themselves to say that it is unimportant.
Wake Up, Take Charge 
It would really serve you best if you realise that what you seem to think “went wrong with you” was really your own choice and the sooner you accept that, the better it is. Also, no amount of regretting will change that fact. A serious reality check will throw some light over the fact that you were the cause of what has happened to you. Since many of us nowadays are in a position to make the choices that we want instead of what we have to do or what is available to us, it is important to stick to those choices or accept one’s fault and make amends. A lot of heartache will vanish once one has learnt to accept one’s fate and mistake too. It is seen as an act of cowardice to not accept one’s mistake; one must also remember that the time that is lost will not come back and that it is worthless to think about it. What you do with the time that lies in front of you is what you must focus on.

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