If you’re wondering where all that headache and fatigue came from when you didn’t even run in a marathon, bad posture maybe the reason. Read on to know how to fix bad posture.

How To Correct Bad Posture

Have you ever seen a person who’s close to or more than 6 feet tall with good build and still looks like a lowercase “c” alphabet, no matter how hard he tries to look like a capital “I”? All of us have seen one. In fact, it wouldn’t to wrong to say that many of us are victims of a bad body posture. However, did you know that this bent-over posture can do much more damage than just make you look like a “c” in public? Headache, backache, shoulders that look as if they are suspended midway in the air freely without any support, fatigue, and muscular strain being a few of the highlights of a bad body posture. On a serious note, wrong posture can cause high blood pressure, bone spurs, and even intervertebral disc damage, if not taken care of at the earliest. So, what must be done to fix that posture which makes you look like an early-man, from the pre-historic times, who got stuck midway during the evolution process? Super glue your feet and pull your upper body backwards until you straighten up? No, we have better solutions. Here, read through and take your pick:
Correcting Bad Posture
Brush up on your flexibility and get ready to shift shapes like a rubber band. There are a range of exercises prescribed by many physiotherapists that can help align your muscles back to the places, where they originally belong to. Stretches, arm lifts, neck and ankle tilts, the choice is yours. Just pick any of those mentioned and get rid of the slouching for good.  
Baba Ramdev, Shilpa Shetty or the very latest Lara Dutta, the choice is yours. Grab yourself a DVD and start doing yoga, while chanting ‘Om’ or being quiet, whatever you prefer. This centuries-old traditional practice of physical and mental discipline is sure to relieve you of not only the pain caused by the bad posture, but the bad posture itself.
If you like dancing, then don’t just sit here reading this. Put on some music, turn up the volume, and start to groove. Although don’t go overboard and start feeling like the Late Michael Jackson. Go at ease. You don’t want to get a correct posture and a disjointed hip at the same time. Take dancing classes if you aren’t much of a bootie-shaker. Ballet is a good choice for it has got a lot to do with posture, rather than movement.
Sessions with a Chiropractor
If you have a good amount of money left away for you by your distant grandmother and if the above mentioned tasks seem too tedious, then start attending Chiropractor’s sessions. A few sessions and a thousand bucks later you’ll have a body as naturally aligned as Adam’s.
Additional Tips
  • Avoid slouching and hunching by all means. Whether you are walking, standing, sitting or driving, a slouched position is a big no-no
  • Make conscious effort to keep the shoulder aligned with the rest of the body.
  • While standing, ensure that the weight is on the balls of the feet and not on the heels. This would guarantee success.
  • Lastly, go for a wardrobe makeover if you have ill-fitting clothes. After all, who wants to be tagged as a slouching sexy girl or a hunched-back handsome hunk?
A regular dose of any of the above tasks will sure correct that bad posture of yours. Make use of all the tips mentioned above for a better looking you!

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