Treadmill is the easiest way to workout. Read the article below to know get some tips on how to buy a treadmill.

How To Buy A Treadmill

A healthy body makes a healthy mind. To keep oneself fit should be the topmost priority of a person. So, simple exercises like walking and running go a long way in keeping the body in top shape. People who do not get the time, to go to the gym or simply are not interested can find it a great advantage to invest in a personal treadmill. Having a treadmill in the house has other benefits like avoiding the rush and queue of a gym, not depending upon the weather and a choice to workout anytime. It is one of the best selling home fitness equipments. Treadmills are particularly good for people, who are very conscious about their weight; as studies have shown that regular workout on a treadmill, along with proper diet, considerably reduce the weight. Treadmills are comfortable and easy to use, as they simulate what we are familiar with, walking and running. Below are various tips that you must consider before buying a treadmill.
Treadmill Buying Tips
  •  Decide in which price range you want to buy your treadmill. It is better to go for a treadmill that satisfies all your needs and also your pocket. Don’t go by the belief, that only high end products are the best.
  • Before buying, try out the treadmill first. Then only you can find out if it is wobbly, squeaky, or shaky. You should check out the stability of the machine. So, it is always better to buy from a reputed and established manufacturer.
  • Next, check out the running belt. It should be at least 20 inches wide. Also, select the ones that have side rails but see that they do not interfere with the swinging of the arms. Side rails are important as they can be clutched in case of tripping over.
  • Check the motor speed. See if you are satisfied with the speed and buy the motor with a horsepower of 1.5 to 2.5. Continuous duty motors are the best for sustained and regular use.
  • Do not go for motorless treadmill, as it is only good for light walking.
  • Consider the size of the space in your house where you want to place the treadmill and buy a model according to it. Treadmills are heavy to move and occupy lot of space. If space is of constraint, then go for a folding one.
  • Check the noise level of the treadmill to see that it does not emit loud jarring noises. Also, check out the safety features like emergency safety button, and a safety key to turn it on.
  • The control panel should display the distance, speed, time, and calorie calculator.
  • Ask for the warranty cover and the duration, the maintenance facility and the service.  
  • Alloy steel is more durable than aluminum. So, buy the treadmill whose frame is of alloy steel. Avoid plastic and wood.
  • Nowadays, treadmills come with a number of features that makes a workout on it a challenge in itself. It can simulate ascending conditions by providing an adjustable incline. Inclines of 10% are good for burning calories.

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