Sexting refers to sending sexually evocative text messages back and forth through mobile phones. Read on to know more about sexting and its examples.

Examples Of Sexting

Imagine getting a text message from your girlfriend or boyfriend saying: ‘Are your feet tired? Cause you've been running around in my dreams all night’. What would be your reaction? No doubt, it intensifies your emotions, lightens your dull moments and your heart throbs to meet your sweetheart. You can call it digital flirting; that is what sending flirty text messages back and forth through mobile phones is now being called. Sexting, as it is commonly known, evolved out of ‘sex’ and ‘texting’ and became popular during 21st century. Considered ‘cool’ by the present generation, these messages are sometimes cute, though they can go on to the extent of becoming erotic and spicy. This naughty conversation happens anywhere and at any time, during a break time in office, even as passing time at the airport or while relaxing at home; irrespective of the time and place, it entertains and engages you. Read on to know more about sexting and its examples.
Sexting Messages

Sexting Examples Used By Women
  • I’m imagining you all over my body.
  • I pull you towards me as we kiss passionately and then move down to kissing your neck.
  • I start to tease as I run my hand up your stomach.
  • In three words, tell me what you’re going to do to me when you see me.
  • Miss me yet?
  • U were helluva fun! I guess it's safe to introduce you to my friends!
  • I really had a great time! Even if u r a little dorky.
  • I bet if you could see me right now you’d want me even more.
  • I’ve been a naughty girl, I need to be punished by you.
  • I can’t wait to feel the touch of your strong hands on my body.
  • I want you so bad.
  • Want a picture of what I’m doing right now?
  • I want you to touch the insides of me…please?
  • If I don’t have you right now, I’m going to die.
  • Sorry to hear about your tough day at work, but I’ve got another task in mind for tonight.
  • I’d be lying if I said that I’m looking forward to dinner tonight. What I’m really excited about is what we’ll do afterwards…
  • Now that the day is nearly over, the only thing left on my to-do list is you.
Sexting Examples Used By Men
  • How bad do you want me because I can be there any minute?
  • Totally had an AWESOME time with u. I owe u an eskimo kiss!
  • Can't wait to see you. Ur like the bratty little needs-doll I've always wanted.
  • It may be hot outside, but it is only going to get hotter when you get here.
  • I keep touching myself and thinking about last night.
  • I can’t believe just thinking of you is making me want you this much.
  • You blew my mind last night.
  • I bet you look so sexy right now.
  • I can’t stop thinking about you; I need to see you now. I’m so horny.
  • The things I would do to you…
  • What are you wearing? Take it off for me.
  • I wish you would send me a picture so I could see how sexy you look.
  • I couldn't stop staring at your big, luscious, tempting, t-t-t-teeth. You have such a beautiful smile.
  • I know what turns you on, and that’s all I can think about.
  • Can you be my full time job?
  • I’m sensing a steamy vibe from you. My phone is melting.
  • Remind me of what I’m missing when I’m not around you. Extra points for raciness.
  • Even your texts turn me on.
  • If your folks could read my mind. They’d ban me from your life.
  • I don’t know what’s sexier. What you say or the way you say it.
  • I’d trade all my activities today to have a chance to feel you up.
  • Let me caress your feet while I tell you all about my foot fetish.
  • I still don’t know what gangnam style is but it sounds like we should be trying it.
Few Common Sexing Examples
  • Your wardrobe needs to be updated. How about trying me on?
  • Forget M&Ms. I melt in your hands.
  • I am craving a Sunday, but I'm on a diet. Can I pour chocolate all over you and top you off with the cherry?
  • I want you.
  • Want to be the nude model for my art project? The pay isn't great, but we can discuss the perks.
  • When can I touch you?
  • I don't know what you did to me last night ... but my body is aching for you. What time are you off work?
  • You're driving me absolutely CRAZY over here...
  • Baby you’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • You can take me anyway you want!
  • I want to feel your hands all over me!
  • Do you want me to do this to you?
  • I threw away my expensive cologne for something better. When can you come over and apply your scent all over me?
  • I can't stop thinking about what I'm going to do to you later ;-)
  • Let’s sneak off to the closet so I can pounce all over you.
  • Hi hottie. I want you right now.
  • Hi stud. I am hot and ready for you. Waiting for your wet kisses tonight.
  • Sexting messages are sexually suggestive and naughty, sometimes driven by a frenzy mood. However, they render ‘life’ to your day.

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