Egg hunt is an inevitable part of the celebrations of Easter. Go through the article to get some unique ideas and tips for Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Tips and Ideas

Easter is a special occasion for everyone, especially children, who expect the Easter bunny to bring baskets filled with colorful eggs, presents and candies. It is a good old tradition of the Christians to hide decorated eggs during Easter celebrations and hunt for them in return of sweet treats, such as candies, chocolates and other prizes. Initially, real chicken eggs were decorated with colorful paint. Now, plastic and chocolate eggs are being increasingly used, instead of the real ones, for Easter egg hunt. If you are looking for some tips and ideas for planning the Easter egg hunt this year, go through the article.
Unique Ideas For Easter Egg Hunt
Crack The Clues
Arrange Easter eggs, filled with candies, in a basket. Gather the participants at one place. Now, give each of them a plastic egg, with a clue to where the next egg is hidden. The clue inside the next plastic egg will lead to the third egg and so on, until the clues finally lead the players to their basket. The fun filled Easter egg hunt is perfectly suitable for people of all age groups.
Cobweb Hunt
Hide the Easter baskets in your house. Now, tie one end of a long string to each basket. Uncoil the strands starting from the end, where the baskets are hidden and create a spider web throughout your house, by looping the strings all over the place, over and under the furniture. The strings should look like a huge tangled cob web. Tie the other end of the strands to the doorknob of your room. The moment your family members wake up, they would be surprised to find that a huge cobweb of strands is leading up to their hidden Easter eggs baskets!
Color-Coded Eggs Hunt
Assign ten plastic eggs for each of the participants. Choose a color for each set of ten eggs. Color the plastic eggs and fill them with toys or candies. Divide the participants into teams, with two members in each team. Set a time limit for them, say fifteen minutes, within which they have to find their respective set of eggs that are hidden all over the place. The team, which finds its set of eggs first, wins the game. Make sure that every team gets the sweet treats at the end.
Checklist Egg Hunt
Color the eggs with paints. You may choose plastic eggs or even the real chicken eggs for the purpose. Now, make checklists for each child, telling them how many eggs of each color they have to get. Supply them with the checklist, pencil and a basket. Set a time limit, say, 20 minutes. Now, hide the colored eggs at strategic locations all over your house, backyard and lawn. Instruct the kids to find what is written in their respective checklists. Reward the children with small toys, temporary tattoos, wrapped candy bars and chocolates the moment they return from the egg hunt.
Night Hunt
Night hunt is suitable for adults and teenagers, who are ready to play the game in the dark. Color the plastic eggs with glow-in-the-dark paints, in such a way that they look unusual. To make the eggs look bizarre, paint scary images on them, with the paint. Now, hide the eggs behind the shrubs, trees and bushes of your backyard and lawn. Divide the players into teams, with two people in each team. Supply the teams with flashlight. Within a time limit, say half an hour, each team has to find as many eggs as possible.
Make sure that you have enough eggs for the hunt. At least ten eggs should be assigned to each participant. Do not forget to wear gloves, while painting the plastic eggs with colors. Be careful no to break the real chicken eggs, if you are using them for the hunt. In case you are arranging the game for little children, it is suggested to go for plastic or chocolate eggs, instead of the real ones.

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