‘Bheja Fry 2’ is an upcoming comical flick featuring Vinay Pathak, Kay Kay Menon, and Minissha Lamba. Check out this film review to know the star cast & music of movie ‘Bheja Fry 2’.

Bheja Fry 2 Review

Genre: Comedy 
Bheja Fry 2
Director: Sagar Ballary
Producer: Mukul Deora
Music Director: Rahul Dev Burman
Star Cast: Vinay Pathak, Minissha Lamba, Amol Gupte, Kay Kay Menon, Suresh Menon, Rahul Vohra
Release Date: June 17, 2011
Taking the legacy of Bollywood's original idiot forward is Saagar Ballary's latest venture, "Bheja Fry 2". With the incredible success of "Bheja Fry", it was natural for a sequel to follow. After all, who wouldn't want to capitalize on the success formula? Registered brand name and value makes publicity of the movie lighter on pocket, plus audience are able to connect with the film. But will the sequel work? Will it be able to garner as much as applause as the original? Will it be able to repeat the box-office record? Will we have "Bheja Fry 3"? Yes and no! Yes, because of the character of Bharat Bhushan who is indisputably cute and lovable, who is sure to impress you with his foolhardy and imprudent deeds. No, because the script lacks the crispness it had for the original film. As for the last question, Saagar Bellary knows best!
Coming to "Bheja Fry 2", two major changes from its predecessor are Rajat Kapoor has been replaced by Kay Kay Menon and the setting is on a cruise liner. Since "Bheja Fry" was a big hit, expectations were sky high from "Bheja Fry 2". But much to the disappointment, the film lacks on a lot of crucial aspects. For starters, it lacks a substance. The humor and buffoonery is comparatively less. Also, the character of Bharat Bhushan should have been a lot more dumb, witty, annoying, and hilarious but sadly, he is in fact a degree less than the original Bharat Bhushan, thanks to the witty-but-less script. But then, give some time and Bhushan would surely impress you with his stupidity, of course unintentional.
Bharat Bhushan and Ajit Talwar (Kaye Kay Menon) meet at cruise. While the former is enjoying his win (singing competition), the latter is running away from the IT department. An unpleasant incident results in the two being stranded on an island, which is when Talwar realizes how annoyingly irritating Bhushan is. Despite a strong star cast, the movie does well but in parts. After watching the movie, other than a few individualistic scenes wherein the hilariousness goes sky-soaring, there is nothing much to take back home. It does not keep the audience enthralled, elated and entertained all through.
Talking about the performance, Vinay Pathak does full justice to his role. He is endearingly witty and comes up with an exhilarating performance. Minissha Lamba as usual looks great and acts decently. Kay Kay Menon too gives a spectacular performance but the chemistry between him and Vinay lack the charisma and finesse that was the USP of the original "Bheja Fry". While Suresh Menon is good on his part, same cannot be said for Amole Gupta for he could have performed much better. Other characters do a satisfactory job. Had the screenplay been a little tighter, the script a little more worked on and the dialogues wittier, fate would have something else in store for "Bheja Fry 2".
Final Verdict: "Bheja Fry 2" is a laughter-inducing tale but not a laugh-a-thon. Having said that, we still say go for it, for the Bollywood original idiot is just as charming and adorable as he was earlier.

Bheja Fry 2 Pre-release Review

 Considering the present scenario of the Bollywood world, sequels and remakes are termed as foolproof formulas for delivering hits on the box-office. Following this principle religiously is Sagar Ballary, the hidden talent behind the phenomenal success of the 2007 rip-roaring ‘Bheja Fry’. He is now ready with ‘Bheja Fry 2’ and prepared to tickle his audiences with much more rib-tickling and uproarious performances. Written and directed by Sagar himself, the movie has been produced by debutant Mukul Deora. While keeping Vinay Pathak constant in his traditional role of Bharat Bhushan, Sagar Ballary has roped in Kay Kay Menon, Minissha Lamba, Suresh Menon, Amol Gupta, and Rahul Vohra as the leading characters. ‘Bheja Fry 2’ is set to hit the silver screen on June 17, 2011.
‘Bheja Fry 2’ revolves around a middle-class individual who, like every other person, wants to fulfill his dreams and live them alive. Roly-poly and good-hearted Bharat Bhushan is a tax inspector but had always wanted to pursue a career in playback singing. In the act of achieving his long-desired dream, he participates in a game show with hopes of wining and creating his own music album. To begin with the execution of his dream, he successfully wins the game show and is awarded with a first-class stay on a cruise ship. On his easy and smooth journey, he meets the pungent and cruel business tycoon Ajit Talwar (Kay Kay Menon) who is fleeing from the Income Tax department. On board is another tax inspector M.T. Shekharan (Suresh Menon) who is trying to unearth Ajit Talwar, the mastermind behind the financial scam.
With such a kind of smooth-flowing journey, nothing seems to be normal. This proves true when Ajit discovers Bharat’s identity and alerts his associated to keep a watch on him. But Bharat, being impressed by Ajit’s media investments, tries to improve contacts with him. Enter Ranjini (Minissha Lamba), a sweet and clear-cut media executive, whom Ajit had met on the game show. All seems perfect for Bharat who dreams of developing close relations with Ranjini and establishing his future with Ajit and his clique. But not until Shekharan’s mistake lands Bharat and Ajit on a deserted island. Thus, begins a hysterically side-splitting journey of a cat and mouse race.
The entry of a flake unsocial ace photographer Raghu Burman (Amol Gupte) who captures Bharat and Ajit simply add to the otherwise tumultuous ride. Now will Shekharan come to their rescue? What happens when Bharat discovers Ajit’s real identity? Will Shekharan, Bharat, and Raghu unite to fight against crime and successfully arrest Ajit? Will director Sagar Ballary be able to hit the jackpot this time again on the likes of his previous hit? With a promise of delivering a bigger rib-tickler, one can only hope for the sequel formula to connect with the audiences. Let ‘Bheja Fry 2’ release on June 17, 2011 and we’ll soon come to know.

Bheja Fry 2  
Bheja Fry 2

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